I write in the mornings
one week’s worth flows forth
until the spring dries in the sun
(clogs with leaves, roots and small creatures.)

Then a little girl talks to me,
I turn my head away and we start the day
rubbing her little nose
asking for a change and some
thing to nibble
a “Na-na, she says.
“Please” she signs.
I sign, “cereal”
she says, “Uh-huh!”

“ahhh, errrrr, uh, hug?”
Some words are very clear now.
Mommy, bye-bye, YUM! hug, hi, up, no.

Those tight little arms around my neck
sweet cheek smashed to my face
fiercely affectionate head bang,
I see stars (spots of light)
I hold her tight
her fingers play in my hair
shortly dreaded
a kiss, then a giggle
turns to a guffaw, followed by her
faux cough and another giggle.
I set her down on a blanket.

I give her a choice of shirts
she picks one
(she empties the drawer otherwise)
Left arm, right arm,
over the head
Left foot, right foot,
over her belly
barefoot, though she
will wear an occasional shoe

Fascinated by a twittering
she stares up at the tree

-Mum and Girly


6 thoughts on “Yes

    1. She reminds me of the signs she saw but never used from the first five times she saw the video. Her recall is terrifying. I am now watching my mouth, but I think it is already too late. Girly, the great word sponge. I’d better not hug her too tightly, she’ll start dripping words into a puddle.


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