I read a little and drift off to sleep
floating in the miasma that is my brain
airplane noise over head
birds in trees in the rain
trucks and cars pass on a wet road
we are not in the flight path
that was a large jet coming from where?
Why do I still hear the deep rumble of the jet
let it be thunder, let it be thunder
not another circling plane
Must be a morning flight from
Pittsburgh on its way to London.
Does British Airways still fly from
Pittsburgh early in the morning?
I hope so.

I looked it up
the flight should be on its
way from Chicago,
(This morning detour was
brought to you by the
letter A- for anxiety attack
and P- for panic attack.)

Tears streaming down into my ears
I smile now the cars pass by
in the silence of empty sky
It is gone now
So are the birds

I must have fallen asleep again
I can hear the birds in the rain
I wonder how do I get to my Bear’s phone
without waking Girly
I took photos of the gutter of trees yesterday
Can I bluetooth abduct the photos?
No too complicated this morning
though I did try
She will have to help me
select the photos

I hear snoring and a
little grunt from the baby
When I peeked in last,
her hands were figuring out
why a panda bear
needed a zipper

Will the toys every be
common enough for
her to play with rather
than exploring their insides

Little fingers working
the zipper, up and down
by increments
I can see her brain,
tick tocking in thought
about why how when if what next
There is no on off switch,
no phase of the moon decoder,
just a panda backpack

As I drifted off to sleep
again I heard another voice
calling my name.
It is Monday.

Finish the root canal day
be on a cycle day
pack more
move more
mail things
feel things intensely
hear a little too much
fix a broken thing
return movies
pay the fine
get more movies
find my movies list
close my windows
back up my computer
It is starting to flicker
never a good sign
stay conscious
get a cell phone that rings
AND receives texts.

Incessant music coming from next door
followed by, “Up, up, up, up, woof-woof!”
That is a good sign.
“argh, argh, argh, argh, argh”

Miasma may refer to:
• Miasma (Greek mythology), a contagious power that has an independent life of its own

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