I’m not sure I actually chose the date, but the move out of the house happened and I’m still so tired. We finished that with a 26′ truck and unloaded by 10: something. I drove the truck, so I arrived at the new place then fell asleep 10 minutes later with Girly. She thinks this is fun. One more 16′ truck should do it then the yard and garage will be empty too. The next time I move, I intend to be wealthy and a performance artist with only costumes and shoes to move. Well, that’s not ever going to happen.

Lose friends while trying to move a metal shop. Just a fact of life.

Upset landlord by not completing move by beginning of month(though no one can move in anyway.)

Move to a house big enough to house all of my stuff. You know I wanted to say crap, but if books, music and art supplies are crap, then I wouldn’t be an artist, singer art teacher and sculptor.

Piss off new neighbors with reverse horn on truck, then unloading at night.

Exhaust self and everyone around me.

Meltdown before moving sheets of steel off truck. Had a good cathartic, sobfest over the weight of a table sized piece of steek.

Keep ibuprofen close. The stabbing pain in your lumbar region will go away after twenty minutes.

Burned out my eldest son. “No, no,I’m sleepy and I want to go home.”

Had to hunt down the silent sentinel and his brother at summer school in order to get them to help.

The little angry squirrel who is the youngest son just picked fights and broke things so he could get to go home.(I’m not stupid, it didn’t work. So he slept most of the day while the rest of us worked our butts off. Then he wanted a ride home after being rude and combative. He got to walk.)

Finally, make sure to change medications while moving, during times of chaos the body really DOES NOT adjust well.

That’s it a moving update. It is good to be in a house big enough for me, bear and Girly. Now, I just have to figure out where everything is.


6 thoughts on “Never move on a holiday weekend

    1. No 13 at five foot nine means a knock down drag out I don’t have it in me so, I let him sleep in the hot car with Windows open occasionally one of his brothers would honk the horn, or kick his foot. I’m too old, his consequence may be no football, electronics, freedom or play dates. I’ll supply food and water but dad and the new girlfriend dote on him like the new crown prince since ES was thrown out of the house. In home therapist would like to have him do manual labor like me. I think it builds character. Everyone else thinks its setting up for menial work. Boy #3 my child needs discipline or he will become a statistic. Last week got caught with air sift gun on college campus (not his) but he took it away from kids shooting him with it. Dumb child thinks he is an adult. Adults with toy guns get shot too. His father gave him no punishment. Damn.


  1. and so life goes on at the new house. just a thought about those boxes. If you haven’t looked in them in a year, don’t. Give ’em to the Salvation Army or auction them off for exorbitant prices saying one day you will be famous and they will be worth a mint! Am glad, at least that the worst part of the deed is done. Big hugs, girlfriend. {{{MFM}}}

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    1. I’m out of the house and I still have more things to move. The house move is minor in comparison to the metal shop and the metal. I rented another truck for the next two days then this is the heavy stuff. The boxes and papers will become layering for my garden as I take out the grass and build new gardens. I probably will need an art show later though.


      1. Gas company wants to meet me at the house to read the meter inside the house. If I have a reasonable landlord, I might be able to get the keys back to do this. Never knew switching utilities could be this complicated. Never had to do this before in Any of the other apartments I’ve lived in. Sigh. It is always one more thing. I don’t have keys, I can’t force my landlord to wait four hours in an empty house.


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