In response to Deanne’s post I wrote, “I love the non speaking, non judgmental nature of cats. When they love you, they share their food. I’m not saying they aren’t vocal, I just haven’t mastered cat, yet. When I have a good or bad day, they always managed to give me a rub, a cuddle or a tap to let me know, that life could be warm, playful or silly if I could just think like a cat. Have fun with your kitties.”

Door opens, “Food lady!
What do you have today?
Chicken, Turkey, Pate,
oh yes, I licked that
halfway across the yard
before I finished eating
that little piece of mystery meat.

I remember the day you brought out
the roaster after the big people left.
So many big people,
they talked to me,
but did not give me
food like you do.

The large smokey one
picks me up and holds
me when he opens the door.

The little kitten inside,
bangs on the door in
desperation to get out.
Sometimes, food lady,
you strap her in a chair
that rolls and you let us
put our scent on her hands and feet.
What an odd purring roar she has.
I claim her as my territory.
The others will never remove my scent.

My love for you comes
in whatever I can catch,
most recently I caught a
bluejay feather flapper
What a loud piece of food.
I had to climb
a tree and jump off
a roof to get that one
I hope you liked it.


I forgot to take a photo of Sergio and Oliver before I left the old house. I never needed one, they were just always there after Stella and Ellie departed. Oliver and Stella are siblings. Sergio was my neighbor’s elder cat. He really seemed to not fear Girly, though she showed no restraint toward rubbing his tail.

6 thoughts on “A response: To see life from the cat’s point of view

  1. This is beautiful… Love it ❤ . Cats are awesome. I've never been a cat person until I found these two lovely kittens. I started feeding them and now we've build a relationship. They respond to my meow… Each time I meow they meow back to me 🙂 they know it's feeding time …

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    1. Ah, you have been adopted! The joy of cats is very understated. Even when they are like tumbleweed playing across your dining room table with claws out. When you look at them, they deny the mess they have created and even dare you to accuse them of such mayhem. The glorious nature of cats. I grew up with dogs, but always wanted cats. When I went to college I became a cat lady. I attract them. They are little mood meters:) So glad they found you.

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