I’m so tired
my feet keep tripping
out from under me
The old house is empty
the new house is full
I believe the trucks were
unloaded by squirrels
or maybe chipmunks.

I’m finding kitchen items in
the bedrooms, bedroom furniture
in the basement, bathroom items
in the garage.

My goal is to empty
boxes and use them to line the
lasagna garden with boxes and
newspaper. Who ever would think
recycling from a move could be
this much fun. Every day, I will
play with a new room.

I was told that the washer was
set up in the basement. I was so excited
that I didn’t have to hook it up
so I turned on the water and started
a load, until the water from the unattached
started gushing all over the floor.

There was swearing and newspaper
to soak up the almost mayhem.
I went upstairs and found that my bear
knew about the washer but forgot to tell me and
didn’t understand why I was wet and livid.
I also asked why one of the bedroom dressers
was in the living room with the drawers strewn
everywhere. I have just as much space to
walk in my 3500 sq. ft. house as I did
in my 600 square foot house.
Why is that?
The answer to all things was

I had a meltdown.

The entire contents of my backpack
were soaked with Vitamin E.

I needed a break
a day and a half was not enough.

I still have to empty out my neighbor’s shed
25′ x 28′ of fun furniture and art project supplies

I have to pick up the things
from the ex’s studio
it rained on the designated date.
This town is a swamp.
Really, it was built on a swamp.

I have a storage space that I may scrap
the contents of so that I don’t have
to deal with the lifting and unloading.


Did I mention that I had to change my meds
due to a Medicare requirement from my
prescription provider? They have finally
overruled that decision and I should be
back on my normal meds this week.

And on that note sleep.


2 thoughts on “The final load from the house

  1. Getting back on the meds you know were working for you is a good thing, right? Yeah, I got one of those sheds, too. For 20+ years now. NO idea what all is in there. Was thinking, too, of just turning it over to the owners of the facility and letting them do with it what they will. Haven’t been brave enough yet. Could have bought a second house with what we’ve spent on that flippin’ thing! Hope you got some sleep. {{{MFM}}}

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I got permission from the company for the meds, they forgot to notify the doctor, so still no old meds yet. I visited the shed today to pick up some 20′ long 2’x4’s. That was a fun drive home. Tomorrow I get to build my futon frame. No more sleeping on the floor. Underbed storage space is very important.


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