Daily affirmation:
I am strong and I fill my life with positive people.

It has been suggested
that I do grounding and
meditation breathing
three to four times a day.
Probably 6-8 times to
help my current situation.

I am in the court ordered process
of removing my steel from my ex’s studio.
When I went last week, he still had
his marble on top of my steel
and had put a forest of branches
on my compost and on the steel as well.

My child was with me and
was not entirely cooperative.
He refused to move a pile of light
weight kiln bricks (they are lighter
than masonry bricks and fire bricks-
you line a fireplace with these
heat resistant things.)

He disappeared, then stirred up
a bees nest that is 10 feet above
my steel in the side of the building.
I think he threw a rock at the hive
not realizing how dangerous a
swarm of angry bees can be.
He only got stung once.

Without his help,
I was unable to complete
the bulk of the loading without
having to take my helper home at 4pm.
Without the help of The Eldest
(no longer surly child)
who has a job now and lives
fairly happily with his grandmother,
I would not have completed one load of the trailer.

We strapped it down on Tuesday,
lifting most of the steel
manually (duh, my back.)
I threw my back out completely
and stayed in bed for two days
recovering. Degenerative arthritis
and a bulging disk does not allow me
to load 28′ lengths of steel by hand.

I could not get anyone to help me
until Friday with the load and when
I drove off 10 miles away I heard
the tinkle tinkle sound of metal
dragging on the road.

Now, The Eldest has been strapping
and rigging with me since he was little
and I’m no idiot, but we had at least
eight ratchet straps on the load.

Industrial ratchets do not just
come loose by themselves.
It takes two hands and brute force
to release the lock on these ratchet straps.
Next time I load up, I will have the
truck with me and take the load
so no one can tamper with it.

Yes, I hear you thinking.
You are paranoid.
Maybe you just forgot that last strap.
Why didn’t you check the load before you left?
Well, no, I’ve been moving steel and
hauling things safely for 20 plus years.
I can also rig stone safely.
This is one more unprovable item
in the list of harassment.

I do know that if I didn’t
see anyone do it,
I can’t blame any one person,
however, these incidents always
occur around the time that I go to
court or mediation with said ex spouse.

And since I got a threatening email
from the ex’s new girlfriend,
I tend to believe that coincidences
don’t occur 15-20 times.

Crazy people need to stay away from me.

Thank you for listening.
I’m going to take as
Ibuprofen, my back is creaking
like a chair in an attic.

Photo: I dumped entire packages of seeds in pots before I moved. They are doing well.
Dill, parsley, parsley, curley parsley
basil, basil,basil
basil, basil,purple basil,
marjoram, mystery, oregano,
lemon thyme and tarragon or verbena
time will tell.


23 thoughts on “Daily Affirmation

      1. Yes, Jane. That is true but you should have seen my first version of my affirmation. “I am strong and will not listen to crazy people associated with my ex husband.” My other knee jerk reaction is to say, I am strong, but I pick the wrong people who kick me over and over and over again in the face. (Depression rears its ugly head and wins the argument.)

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      2. I’m going to show my ignorance of the law here – what if he committed a major federal offence? Wouldn’t he be tried and convicted over there? Surely Brits who are found gui;ty of serious crimes aren’t simply sent back to where they came from??
        I didn’t know he was one of ours. We do like to protect ourselves you know – we try to keep foreigners out, and send our nutters over to you.

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      3. Just being found guilty negates his green card I don’t think you gov’t will do anything to him. Until he breaks laws there. He has residential custody, therefore I would have to get residential custody as he was being deported.

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      4. I somehow feel that you would get custody if that happened, but it would be a scary thing to have to go through. I believe at some point I said “This too shall pass.” I’msorry. That was a pathetic remark.

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      5. Life is always scary for me. No one ever believes me. He dresses up well and he has an accent, that makes him a better parent right? (sarcasm.) He took the business and the money, so I wouldn’t have any money for a lawyer. Legal Aid won’t help in post divorce custody issues.

        Life does pass, it just takes its own sweet time. If you’re lucky you get your feet in the mud along the way, then it rains and it feels good to be clean again.

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  1. I’m thinking ranting this all out at Woods was good. It allowed you to condense it down to something sharp and pointed. Now go stick that beastie with the pointy end. Will be waiting to hear how the police handle it all. {{{MFM}}}

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