Sun, soil and water works.
Internet installation works.
Girly smiling works.

My ADHD went haywire
this morning.
I cleaned,
I made calls
I weeded,
I almost planted
Sweet Woodruff around
the pine tree.

The female internet
installer was a wonder
to me. She was petite
blond and single. I asked
how many linewomen were there
like her, she said, probably
five in in the country.

I wish I had her back
so I could go to work and
do a job and be productive,
then come back home.

I am no longer tethered to
my phone. It was creaking like
my back. I could only
keep it charged for
15 minutes at a time.

I called Call
before you dig,
so that I can
know where my buried
lines are before
I create my cottage
garden in the front yard.

I have a high pressure
gas line that runs
though my front yard.
100 pounds of pressure
I’m not allowed to
tap into it, since it may
blow up the street.

The local gas company
will come out and dig
from a connecting line
on the other side of the
road so that I can have gas
when the time and money allows
for it.

Police update:
They told me to block the
girlfriend’s email but they
did nothing. They told me
to keep copies of the emails
as I have already.

They didn’t read the emails.
They took a report
I will pick it up tonight on
my way home.

As far as the ratchet straps
being loosened, I have to go to
the county Sheriff, who I
suspect will do nothing as well.

They will notify my ex and he
will be increasingly difficult.
He still has not moved the
things necessary so that I can
remove the rest of my things.

He says he wants to move on,
then he calls me to talk about
his business, I cut him off
and change the subject to
our children, he threatens to
sue me, since he says I lied
about my children’s residency
(yet another thing to throw
me off balance.)

I missed my dentist’s appointment
for the 4th time. He wants their
disability money. He wanted to
know why I didn’t tell him I was
disabled. I told him it was none
of his business, then I get off
the phone as quickly as possible.

I called SDI/SSI and confirmed that
they tried to contact him in
February via telephone and the
girlfriend was rude to them and
the second call made at the end
of the month was never returned.

Early March, I received a
call from the SSI/SDI
Office, “Obviously this man is not
doing what is in the best interest
of the children, so we are making
you the payee.

He already has plans for ESR’s money
though he will have no money if
it is not spent by the age of 18 -Tuesday.
I was planning to use it to help
pay for school expenses, but the
SSI/SDI sent me a letter telling me
to return any money that was not spent
by August 3rd. Now, I have to do
bookkeeping, cause, I have time for this,

Next story:
Social Security
IMG_20150728_132547The side driveway bed is all herbs and morning glories

IMG_20150728_132556I moved all the daylilies to the front of the house.


4 thoughts on “Growth and what works

    1. Not if ends with losing, your phone, finding it in the middle of the road, then watching three cars run over it. I spent the evening in the ER getting a tetanus shot after I stepped on a rusty nail.


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