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metalflowermaker says: “Yes and weird teeth.” was my response.

Written June 17, 2015

No, I am not bemoaning
the lack of braces as a child.
I am merely pointing out what
my dentist proved to me after
three visits to complete my ill fated root canal.

Years ago, I went in for a cleaning,
(I produce hard surface plaque and rebuild bone,
I seem to have a lot of calcium and proteins floating
around willy nilly in my system.
My opthalmalogist suggested I clean my contacts
with the weekly enzyme solution daily to get
rid of the floating protein deposits.)

Let me take a break to
learn something about teeth…
(I’ll put the links at the end of this journal entry.)

I previously avoided dentist
like the plague after a fun childhood
of visiting chain dentists at a
certain department store.

I remember pain, blood and pressure.
So, no, I was not a regular visitor
or proponent of dentists.
I thought Little Shop of Horrors
was funny in a very sick way.

I eventually decided to conquer
my fear of dentists by going to my friend’s
dentist in San Francisco.
He cleaned my teeth,
there was no pain,
I didn’t have nightmares afterwards and
I lived to eat more popcorn.

After the birth of my
second child I developed a cavity.
I never had any cavities before that point.
I used to joke that the silent sentinel
nursed all the calcium out of me,
because he was so hungry all the time.

He was the child who started eating
meat before he had teeth.
His first solid food was steak.
I just could not get enough food
into this child fast enough.
He was 95th percentile height and weight
(that’s what they measured at the time.)
Now at 15 he is 6’4″.

I went to the dentist and had my cavity filled.
He was expensive, we had no insurance or
money, so I went away,
thinking I would never return.

I had cleanings done at a chain
dentist and I felt like we were
in a dental factory where everyone wore masks
and you never got to see their faces,
since their masks were up constantly.
I was uncomfortable, cleanings
were pretty minor in the scheme of things.

I avoided the dentist for me
but took my kids in on a regular basis.
No need to establish second generation
terror by association.

I went to visit my friend in San Francisco
and visited my old dentist while I was there.
Yes, my dentist knew I had moved back
out east and was surprised to see me,
but cleaned my teeth and
said they looked very healthy.

He assured me that there had to be good dentists
in my state and I should just keep looking until
I found one that didn’t scare me.

I finally found a good dentist, but
had a problem with the hygenist who pushed a
bit too hard to remove the heavy plaque build up
on my teeth. I guess that was how she was trained,
but my mouth ached afterwards so I started looking
for another dentist again.

My last visit ended with a vertical crack
being found in my molar after I had a
run in with a particularly
hard peanut M&M.

I wonder if my exposure to lime dust had
anything to do with my vertical crack in
my tooth healing itself. I don’t have a
previous x-ray but when I visited another
dentist he said I did not have a vertical
crack in my tooth. I saw the previous x-ray and
the crack was there before.

So during the root canal excavation,
it came to light that I had an extra root,
that split.
Usually there are two roots,
I’m the lucky girl who gets to have an extra one
that splits and becomes too narrow to take out.
Yee haw!
That made drilling exciting for both
the dentist and me. Wow!
I really needed one more weird thing
about myself discovered this year.

I am the poster child for weird human of the year.
I earned this title in the dentist’s chair.
Four shots on the first visit and I could feel
the drilling within 20 minutes of each shot.
I’m not so fond of anesthesia.
I either have too much and don’t wake up for hours
and scare the hospital staff, or
I wake up half way through my wisdom teeth removal
as the dentist is crushing my impacted teeth.
Like I said – poster child.

I used to think that the anesthesiologist
looked at my height and ignored my weight
during my double foot surgery. Then I thought
I must have looked extra thin during my
quad impacted tooth extraction,
so I was under medicated.
My dentist informed me that some
people process anesthesia faster.

I got to tell the dentist on the second day
of drilling for nerves that my mother also has
a hard time getting numbed during dental procedures.
She said they have to shoot extra deep to find
the pocket of nerves in her jaw.
I am the daughter of a poster child.
Great, a second generation poster child of weirdness.
(After I wrote this I talked to my father who also has
the same deep set nerves. Really? Really. Sigh.)

I had my third visit where he discovered the forked nerve.
OWWWWW! I kept telling him it didn’t hurt as much as labor.
Fourth visit was the insert post and
create a mold for my crown day.
I though he was going to drill into
bone to create an implant,
so right as he started to work,
I asked if he would be drilling into bone,
then I started sobbing.

He took the time to calm me down and
I was able to understand, that the post
was being installed in the tooth not the bone.
It was a minor anxiety attack.
Sigh, life is not boring enough.

End result is that I have a temporary crown
until my metal one gets completed by the lab.
I’m a little sore, but it’s not like the pain of him
drilling into my roots before I was numb.
Today was the beginning of an okay day.
Main article: Cementum

Cementum is a specialized bone like substance covering the root of a tooth.[12] It is approximately 45% inorganic material (mainly hydroxyapatite), 33% organic material (mainly collagen) and 22% water. Cementum is excreted by cementoblasts within the root of the tooth and is thickest at the root apex. Its coloration is yellowish and it is softer than either dentin or enamel. The principal role of cementum is to serve as a medium by which the periodontal ligaments can attach to the tooth for stability. At the cementoenamel junction, the cementum is acellular due to its lack of cellular components, and this acellular type covers at least ⅔ of the root.[16] The more permeable form of cementum, cellular cementum, covers about ⅓ of the root apex.[17]


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