I not tell you where my furniture comes from?
You know the side of the road is
cheaper than Goodwill or
the Salvation Army.

Amazingly these children have forgotten that I will
stop on the side of the road to pick
up something useful, that just needs
a new home, some love, a new tire.

As a sculptor, its what I do.
I’m not a scrapper,
but flowers come from
interesting parts
on the side
of the road.

Dumpster diving with children and
without a dumpster is interesting.
Pride, embarrassment, shame
“What if a car comes along behind us?”
“Child, they will go around.”
“Hush, it will be fine.”

Some perfectly good furniture gets put on the side of the road
It just needs some cleaning and a good home.
I’m a good home.


7 thoughts on “Would you rather

  1. I used to find a lot of treasures that way too ❤ and had oh so much fun turning it to chic with a dash o shabby 😉 .. not sure what changed apart from moving from a city n tows to the country .. but since then .. there hasn't been such fun 🙂

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      1. Matching can be overrated …. well that can be just be I guess … but I have seen to much n to many fake people in matching ..hmm well lets just say all sorts 😉 LOL … Personally I have always liked the art of making individual bits look balanced .. has character .. but then I liked shabby n chic before it became fashionable 😉 .. Wishing you a Magical weekend & may the blessings find you ❤

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