I have been trying out
different routes from
my old house to my new
house and I THOUGHT
I knew what I was doing.

We left around 10pm
and didn’t get home
until midnight.

I am not happy with
the medication that
I was forced to switch to.


I’ve missed 4 therapy
appointments and 4
dentist appointments.

This is affecting my
ability to barely function.

I got lost on the way
to drop off my son at
his job this morning.

He was supposed to be
there at 8:30 we got
there at 11am. Isn’t
this a sign that medicine
management companies don’t
know diddly about patients.

Rather, they don’t care
squat about their clients.

If I could get to my doctor’s
office before it closes,
I would have my old script back,
but I can’t seem to remember
where I’m going much less
get anywhere on time.


7 thoughts on “I got lost on the way home

  1. Go pich and pull up dandelions … and stinging nettles … make tea …from the leaves of both just like you would any tea steep for about 15 minutes though .. it will help detox you and clear your mind from the mess of the meds … the one you mention up there is same as they gave the fighter pilots and soldiers in WW2 supposedly to help them cope … but … check it out you will be surprised its one of the most highly addictive substances .. taking you off it and onto another means you are in mid withdrawal … lots of water … and drink as much dandelion and nettle as possible … you should be fine with that in a day or two

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    1. Yes, I’ve been addicted to it, which is why they keep trying other synthetic amphetamines, dexamphetamines (confusion,) extended release amphetamines, (nightmares and panic attacks.) I’m supposed to be drug compliant and I’ve been afraid of natural and synthetic interaction, though I would prefer the natural stuff.

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      1. We all make choices every day, in every way, from tea or coffee to life changing ones … you have to chose for you what is right for you …. All I can say is that I made a choice for me firstly of informing myself . and going to huge lengths back then ( no internet or computer) to research all medicines and everything, my questions drove the docs up the wall n beyond …. till they got angry cause I knew more than them 🙂 … & then a choice of nature inc food being my medicine over 25 years ago, it was real tough for about 5 weeks with energy all over the place but in taking my power back & from then on making more and more empowering for ME decisions .. it changed my life ❤

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  2. Wow, sounds awful. Everyone who I know who was on adderal had trouble coming off. I hope it gets better soon. I’m pretty sure brain fog is one of the symptoms of withdrawal from it.

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