My conditions are permanent
they say. I say
they are permanent until,
my doctor comes up
with a new diagnosis,
like married-itis or
workaholic syndrome,
have you heard of this new one:
but my ex has

Today is my birthday.
Yesterday was my ESR’s birthday
My mother’s birthday is in two days

I’m coping with chocolate and tofutti.
I’m 45, I look pretty damn good
and I have started over.
I like aging it means I’m still alive.

Toes and a bouquet, ignore the bag of donuts.
Toes and a bouquet, ignore the bag of donuts.

My children are as
unique as I am.
I should be thankful we are
all moderately healthy.

Girly has had no seizures since August.

My Child joined the football team
(why? because he wanted to slam
his head into other boys???
How can a child be so vain
about his hands but
play such a violent sport.
I did explain the concept of
broken fingers but it fell on deaf ears.)

Not sculptor's hands, more like a hand model.
Not sculptor’s hands, more like a hand model.

The Silent Sentinel is with me
for a week without his brother.
Six foot four, strong as an ox,
gets exhausted easily though.
He spends too much time in video games.
I told him he should learn to design
them since he likes them so much

My Eldest Surly adult turned 18 yesterday
and was able to sign for the storage container,
I had it delivered to him to help create a bedroom
for him at my mom’s house. No, not in the container,
why does everybody as me that?

I also bought him a bunch of drawing stuff
pens, markers, notebooks, soda machine.

Well, its late again
and I have to go wake the living dead:
today, I’m going to put the baby in his room
and see if she can wake him up.
Perhaps the sound of objects being
thrown around the room will wake him.

Probably not.

-The shed is almost empty, just waiting for the truck to empty itself so I can put more things in it.


16 thoughts on “Updateish, My birthday

    1. Birthdays are good. It means I have made progress. I have a happy baby, and I’m working on getting healthy as possible, with or without adequate help. Thank you for reading on a regular basis. WP friends are more supportive, than my local ones, with a couple exceptions.


  1. Happy Birthday! May it be a year of all goodness. May this year be kind to you. You deserve happiness. Feel that. Know it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I have another year of art residencies in the local school, so things are looking up. My art modeling will start again soon too I hope. Every summer I get replaced by a manniquin. Not even gonna try to spell that today.


  2. Happy birthday sweetness! I am going to answer what you wrote. I have not been feeling like writing of late. I think though I shall at least begin something this afternoon because it is you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks dear Plato, that’s very kind. I was kinda obnoxious when I wrote it though. Feeel good in what grows. I have a plethora of herbs. The are ready to jump out of their pots. I planted something I can’t identify but they are flowering and are not herbs I think. Tomorrow I will take photo, with my new old camera. I bought an old affordable iPod 3 from overseas and the photos are good enough to document growth…

      Liked by 1 person

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