Moving in the morning makes
my eyes water. Knees bent
one-two -three up go the legs
flat feet on the bed.
Less burn in the back,
texting break while blood flows
to all the important parts.
Two out of four children have been
reached out to. Girlie is blissfully
sleeping with Woof-woof, bunny and
I’ve been listening to a smoke alarm chirp that
rivals the crickets out side in volume
but not frequency. Yeah, time to get up.

I rolled over and two feathers floated
to the bed. What? I have not turned into
a bird or an angel overnight. I just have
feathers in my pillows. Slow stretch vertical
and I start typing. Shooting the pain down my left leg.
I had wanted to start the day without pain killer or a
muscle relaxant. Shift again, three cracks and a pop
in my back. I must not have moved all night long.
Note to self: Do not sleep on back and build bed frame this weekend. This futon needs height and to be flipped over.

My bear woke me at four, then apologized.
The bus beeped hello as it backed up down
the road. It is that time of year. Little people in
orange modified rectangles on wheels on their way
to school. Not sure yet what school district the buses
are from. Two buses each day, elementary and secondary?
One district then the other? Life mystery of the moment.
Can I move my left hip? Twist, then the pattern of pain
in my vision makes me stop. One day, I’m going to draw the
pattern. It’s what I saw before I passed out in the park.
Left foot is numb and curled in, it moves, just numb.

This Old Body,
by Amanuensis

Hands and arms still work.
Today is going to be a soft pants
and warm socks day. Can I get my
body into Warrior I pose? I’ll settle
for child’s pose instead, modified
with a pillow between thigh and calves.
Balasana then curl toes under and
up to squat in Malasana. Every time
I move I find something
weird in my bed, just found an Afro pick,
in Malasan, my heel landed on an external
DVD drive, must clean now. There’s no
end to the things Girlie puts in my bed.
I shouldn’t blame the child, its me,
just absent minded me.
Don’t get me wrong, she has been dropping
cheerieos down the heat registers.

What can I see? What can I pull?
What can I see? What can I pull?

Wow! Serious typos this morning.
Thank you WordPress, for your
Dashboard interface with spellcheck as you type.
Those little red dots underlining the sanskrit
and my typos help me see in the morning.
Uttanasana, standing forward bend.
Tadasanan mountain pose with arms raised.

Back spasm has eased up a bit.
Movement is important.
No stationary
No good.


18 thoughts on “I’m up and doing yoga day 1

  1. OMG! With that back pain you can still squat! I broke out in a cold sweat just reading that! I can’t remember the last time I was able to do that without sending my back and legs into massive spasms! You’re awesome!

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      1. Wonder Woman came home and fell over. My bear had the baby and I stupidly had a backpack, my purse(rock,) and a bag, laptop and keys. Duh! Couldn’t lift my legs fast to get up the stairs. Guess it is good that I have lost so much weight. Maybe I need more muscle mass. I’ve got to find a doctor and yoga studio out here. I had dropped my bags and my legs stopped cooperating. Too much pain and my legs give out. Then down I went. Twisted on the floor. Thank goodness for hyper extended muscles. My GP skipped town and I need to find a new one who will look at me, my file and my plan for wellness. I guess I should write one. I’m about to ditch my psychiatrist. He treats me like I’m an snake he is repulsed by. He has the bedside manner of a wall.


      1. yip that’s the one … and very very slowly … also spinal breathing … is awesome .. an most useful … that’s basically just giving full focus to your breathing and breathing in and out to and with each vertebra .. in very slow moment vertebra by vertebra … it helps release everything including any trapped nerves 🙂 ❤

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      2. This morning spasm left me stuck on my side unable to move, with stabbing pain in my back. I expanded my rib cage with slow deep breaths and that gave me some relief. The stabbing pain did not go away, but the spasm eased up. I took a pain pill and fell asleep until 3pm.


    1. Thank you Maia! I’ll try it and see what my back does. The doctors told me to treat it with ice, anti inflammatory pill, pain killer pill and rest. There is no rest for me, until Girlie naps or I decide to relax-if someone comes over to help sort out this place. I need to have someone bring my inversion table up so I can stretch out. My next option is to try inversions. I need core strength for that and I fear I have atrophied a bit, okay a lot. The more I do yoga wise the stronger I will get. I may need some physical therapy and a trip to a spine doc to make sure I didn’t add to my special back. Thank you again.

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      1. try the breathing 🙂 into and with the movement of each vertebra .. in the sphinx and up to cobra but be gentle with you if you do cobra … you can use it with any posture … even while gardening or well anything 🙂 … and visualise your spine .. your body … mind spirit .. all of you being at the optimum health … like BE the camera and the photographer that puts pics into every cell ❤ .. you'll be surprised at how much you can do ❤ …. OOO & have a look at this it is awesome .. its still FREE to watch until the 1st September … its SO worth a View ❤ ….

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  2. I absolutely love the yoga of your little one and the flowers. We all begin so supple and open, and then the protecting begins. The rigidities follow. All in the name of keeping whole and keeping safe. You describe a household teeming with life– I’m picturing a family afro poking out through all the open windows…! 🙂


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    1. LOL:) Thank you Michael. The rigidity is a form of protection that keeps us from being healthy. I should do a family portrait in encaustic wax so that there is a realistic picture of our multi cultural family. Thanks for the artistic creative prompt.

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