I keep having a dream that
I’m lost on my way to my new home,
driving around the curves and down
into the valleys and around the bend
until I drive into the water that is
running across the road. The water
becomes a lake and I fear how far
I will have to swim to make it to
the shore that has receded back miles.
The road is still there but we are
floating miles above it.

Sometimes, I am with Girly and
I swim around to the other side of the car
and pull her out of the car seat.
Other times, I am with my sons
and we sit staring at each other as the
water level gets higher until we unbuckle
the seat belts and swim to consciousness.

The water is always warm,
so I know its a dream but I
keep having a creeping fear that
around the next corner,
I will find myself in that
big lake of clear water.

Maybe I just need to install
that filter on my well
so I can stop dreaming about
water. I know the symbolism does not
follow but sometimes a little reality
on the subject may shift my subconscious
from a dramatic tragedy to real clear
drinking water water from our well.



5 thoughts on “Clear Water dreams

      1. We keep bottled water in the fridge. Our water here is so full of sand it ruins my dishes in the dishwasher. And yeah, it gets expensive. But that’s the only way I’ll drink it. The alternative is Coke!


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