From 3skay, I launched off into a poem of my own in March.

Sprawling anxious waves
Alive like stolen secrets.
Every breath recedes.

Your love is like a rock around my neck
I drowned in narcissism.

Journey Limerick Attempt #1and #2 Alliteration

I perched on the precipice pondering my predicament
Do I take the fork in the road or travel the one I’ve walked alone?

The fork had a barrier, I should have been warier
Fatigue fueled my decision.

I dragged my foot and took the fork
liberated from my hell of toil and pork.

I broke through the guard rail
committed the carnal sin

Thee faux pas of a married woman
denying his love, wanting escape

Plunging into an inferno
of small town gossip and castigation.

Limerick Attempts #3
She jumped on the trampoline of life
deciding to no longer be a wife
Her husband exploded, with children he goaded
he threatened her verbally with a knife.

Limerick Attempt #4
If she could venture back in time
she told him in a silly rhyme
she’d ne’er have chosen he who wed her
just so he could bed her.

Limerick Attempt #5
She perched on the path of life
decided she’d ne’re again be his wife
He goaded and flared
his teeth he bared and
gored her with a knife.



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