My body shifted
by four days
a 23 day cycle
is nothing to laugh at
result: anemia

emotional release
talk therapy
garden therapy
lack of sleep
grief, guilt, bad news,

mini ocular mushroom cloud migraines
have a golden color
in the pitch black inside my head
terror, hyperventilation and
a panic attack during a six hour power outage
caused by unknown mechanical failure.

I’m influencing the mood of my small earth deity,
Girlie was SCREAMING at 5:30 am this morning.
and the great monthly visitor
(let me know that I am virile,
isn’t four kids enough proof)
though unbalanced pushed me uphill
from the pit into a rage.
I knocked over a big thing,
Girlie said, “Uh-oh”
I’ve got to find
something to hold onto.

I’m taking a time out.
I earned it.

I want to take my rue,
but I can’t find my book.
There is too much in
my system to take a
poison that will
interact badly today.

Calling a help line
never helps my kind of imbalance,
they talk about simplicity
“drink a glass of water.

I am shaking.
I need a cleanser
I require assistance.

Dandelion, okay, who doesn’t have that.
Milk Thistle, I have Thisle but it is not flowering or white
Tumeric, kitchen herb I have not seen in three years
Green Tea, got that, but hold old is it?
Garlic, fresh I will pull from the garden
Cilantro, fresh I will pull from the garden

I really would like some burdock root, but I seem to have the only yard in my state without burdock.


4 thoughts on “Is there a medicine woman out there?

  1. Hey girlfriend… Did you ever get hold of anyone else to talk to? Are you seriously experimenting with your herbs? You must be careful, my friend. You don’t know what might interact with something you’re already taking. How are you tonight?

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    1. Hence, the title, “Is there a medicine woman out there?” 🙂 “There is too much in
      my system to take a
      poison that will
      interact badly today.”
      Rue is a strong poison I’m not inclined to take while on any western medicine.
      I suppose some simple foods that will reduce estrogen would be nice at the moment, but I’m moving steel again, so life is not exactly ideal for this kind of adventure. Maybe, I’ll just have some broccoli and white rice with sage on it, wait a few hours then take my meds. It would be normal enough to have herbs on my rice without fear of adverse reaction. Right now, I’m just cold no matter what I do. I’d like to stop being such a girl.


  2. When my kids were little, I would give myself a time out when I was feeling like I would lose it. I would say, “Mom needs a time out, because I am about to lose it!” and I would lock myself in the bathroom. My kids would stand at the door. After a bit, they would say, “Mom? Are you coming out soon?” “NO!” I would say. But then… I would, pretty soon. I think it’s ok for kids to know that adults have to work to keep their temper too….. Lots of people could use an occasional time out….. Maybe our police could give time outs and also take some themselves….

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