She does like to sort
colors of objects
into containers.

Take the joy in
little things.

During the day
she called every pipe cleaner
as she transferred them from
glass to glass while
pretending to drink
from a pipe cleaner

I wrote the colors
of the pipe cleaners
on the glasses
in dry erase marker

she smiled at me
in her patient way

As if to say,
“you wanted me
to learn something,
I can say yellow”
Accept yellow,
there is no green,
there is no brown,
there is no orange,
there is no red,
there is no black.

Yellow goes in a glass
as simple as that

Another day
we were raking leaves
she laughed at the
pile making

As if to say,
why rake them into
a bag when you can
put them in a stroller
then you can push them around
the yard and dump them
wherever they need to be

Leaves sit in strollers
as simple as that.


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