The purple asters I
picked from my old
studio are wildflowers (weeds
that get cut down)
every year by the
fanatic mowers that like
acres of grass Not
every field should look
like a golf course.

Without the weeds there
would be no place
for the bees to
harvest unfertilized necter, is
it an oxymoron to
call natural plants organic.

A weed is unwanted,
but hearty Beautiful though
taller than the cultivated
low mounding asters that
look cute in the
front garden bed of
a kempt suburban plot.

Next year my yard
will be a riot of
colorful weeds and invasive
species that choke out
grass. Funny how others
spray their dandelions I
eat them and harvest
their roots as tonic.

My boys were raised
in a cottage garden
surrounded with sunflowers spaced
stepping stones food herbs
and flowers upon blooming
green life exploding rainbows
of colors, insects humming
birds zipping from flower
to trumpet vine drunk
on life why aren’t
we more like the
birds worms bees crickets
tweet digging buzz chirping


13 thoughts on “Is a weed a flower?

      1. Sorry, I should have said wood sorrel. I always get the two confused. Red Clover is similar looking and has all sorts of contraindications for clotting and estrogen on WebMD, cause I like terror in the morning. It is supposed to be good for decreasing clotting, hot flashes and in a tea the flower is supposed to help stop nicotine cravings. All of which can be disproved by the internet. Do your research before ingesting any of these and cross check your current medications to see if they will make you turn into a tree frog. Ha-ha, I’m only being slightly obnoxious. My daily cocktail, does not allow for much variation herbal or otherwise, but I like a lawn that flowers in the early spring. That’s mainly what I do with clover or sorrel. Though sorrel leaves taste slightly lemony instead of the bitter leaves of dandelion. It has some medicinal uses as well, but I just like the taste of a leaf every now and then.

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  1. I love walking through a meadow, just munching away…dandelions, clover, alfalfa, rose hips, sweet grasses. Mmmmm. I personally love weeds.

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