There is relief
from back pain
a couple needles
underneath the skin
in weird places
that don’t seem to relate
but do make a difference

I feel like a pin cushion
while I listen to
relaxing music humming
along to drown out the
conversation across the hall
I need to bring
ear plugs, but
then I would be
trapped in my head
alone and that’s
not a safe place to be.

He came back to
check on me and
I told him I was
I can’t relax while
but how do you
relax with needles
sticking out of you
He brought back a small
blanket and heat pack
funny, there was hardly
any room to put it
down without bumping a needle
but it worked and I was
able to relax
then an adjustment
removed the continual
back spasm
I almost skipped
I know better
but to feel
like skipping
means its going
to be


9 thoughts on “There is relief

    1. Until I run out of money, which means three or so a month. Though suggested by a major Spine Center Specialist, they are not covered so I have to pay out of pocket, ha hahahahahahahhahahah
      ha ha ha ha ha
      ha ha ha ha
      ha ha ha
      ha ha
      drugs, needles or pain?
      Insurance will pay for me to be pain free, but unable to get to appointments. County will shame me for missing appointments due to un-scheduled pain/ anxiety/panic attacks, Psych doctor wants me on heavy drugs, but gets annoyed when I’m too blurry to drive. You see how this does not work right? First I need to be wealthy, then I need to have doctors that make house calls, then I need to train myself to do acupuncture on myself, then life would be full of endorphins. I’m going to get my inversion table and see how that feels. I might get taller.

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      1. They all just make it so hard for you, don’t they… Big hugs, girlfriend. I hope you at least can do some of the things you need to while the treatments are still working. Love & Hugs…

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  1. I had the treatment you refer to many times, under our NHS which was paid fore via our Taxes anyway. The treatment did not work for me, and once the Dr left me to go home with most of the needles still in me, until I called him back. I now have to use a Tens machine , which does I suppose help a little, but my pain has been going on now for thirty years, too long I guess. Good luck to you.

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    1. This week the acupuncture plus an adjustment, got rid of the lower back pain for a couple days. Relief even for short periods makes me think there is hope. I had a Tens Unit, but gave it away to a friend who needed it. THe physical therapy people who worked on my drop foot had a very sophisticated one, that had variations in pulse ,intensity and duration. I was lucky to be covered then. I received good care for that. I just want to get to the point where I can bend over, sit stand and sleep. Obviously , too much to ask for:) I should try very light yoga to see if I can do anything at all. Some doctors just don’t pay enough attention. I hope you get relief from the Tens Unit. Any chance they have a newer unit that may work better for you? Take care. 🙂

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      1. I used to do a little light Yoga a couple of years ago but I stopped, it did help me and I am sorry I never kept it up. There are times , well there has been times this year when I really felt like going back to it but when depression sets in because one is so frustrated not being able to do what one used to do I just give up. There is nothing worse than constant pain. I cannot be bothered with the Tens machine and its cables. I do hope that you will feel better, I know how you feel with the bending etc. Take care, God Bless.

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      2. It’s never too late to do yoga in weird places. Grocery store yoga. tub yoga, feels good. shower yoga awesome. The pain is difficult and the depression can be crippling, but chair yoga, might be the answer. I hope my silly suggestions may help.

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