-(ASR) I did some editing, but these are specific responses so…


-Dang Kurt, I was about to go to sleep then you hit me with a doozie! I had to open a simple text window to tackle your response. Frank Herbert wrote Dune I read the books and loved watching the movies because Sting couldn’t act yet or the direction he took was pretty bad as Feyd.
I watch the one on the Sci Fi Channel, was there another movie other then tremors? with sand worms

“did you read “zumba my ass”, ”where’s my passport look under the underwear you idiot”, or diary of a madman?”

-No not yet

“it weaves words into sparcest content or … maybe it just helps us to march to the beat of a different drummer.

-sparcest content make it a personal piece that is worth writing, but hard for the reader to gather the ether. I got Sight II, but not Sight I, written by Kurt left and Kurt right sides of the brain, but that is not for me to judge, as you are enjoying your prolific style as much as I do, even revisiting it in a different way.

“wull … anyway … i can’t figure out if your obsession with worms is because you thought the first ‘Dune” movie was such a fucking freeking ridiculously cheezy (so much so that it was almost entertaining) or you had a bad experience when you went fishing with your dad one day.

-never was a fisherwoman with me dad. I’m more of a dirt girl who plays with worms in the dirt. I try really hard not to slice them in half, but it is almost inevitable.

“i can’t see myself wading through all this shit or just going through and clicking on ‘follow’ so the other person will ”follow” you.

-I could sing that song,” I will follow you, wherever you may go,” that skips on follow, follow, follow. I mean the record skips, I can’t skip any more.

-Are high numbers the point or having followers who like to read what you have to say?
unsuccessful at getting high numbers but at least i have a reason. what was that again?? oh! … or maybe it’s just fear of success??

“i think i need some of that spice.

-You just want dark blue eyes like the Fremen, and the Weirding Way – Dune Wiki – Wikia super voice fighting abilities, dark blue contacts

“by the way, didn’t Frank herbert write those books?

-A genius who was not successful, but did what he wanted in life, I’m sure his kids though the was a crazy, brilliant, eccentric by the end of his third marriage and life, but didn’t his kids finish his last book? Can’t remember, he died when I was 16 or so.

“all my life i’ve been waiting for someone to make a REAL comment to me. it’s especially frustrating since i make great well thought out comments to people who i feel are worthy of having a comment made and if you’re going to make a comment why not make a REAL comment, one that will create some self awareness; an objective view that gives some insight.

-I don’t think I’m objective, I’m just stating my opinion which will be fully tainted by my entire life experience. I’ve got balls, and I don’t always know when to reel it in, if you ask me then I might actually tell you. In business, as a woman, I got to get in the face of men who like to play games and yell at women and I found it empowering, not to get yelled at, but to sling it back and tell them to get the hell out of my building. This is when I was taller, bigger, stronger less frightened of loss and revenge. Towering over a man who thought I was a tiny helpless woman, was interesting, when I actually owned something (self esteem, a business, a reputation.) The old business world seemed to allow bullies and I was never in the mood for it. I tried to be as nice as possible until somebody got in my face and tried to steal, insult or belittle me. Leos can be territorial.

“but i hate it when i step over the line and become a fucking know it all … which … i think i did once.

-Did you?

“but, take it from me. “this is a well written piece blah blah blah.” is not a comment. but YOUR diatribe was wonderful. a great comment that i learned from.this is a great comment with everything a comment should have except you didn’t use the word shit or mention sex one time … well .. maybe that one part … but that’s a private matter.

-I totally did not mean to mention sex, though when I read my response again, I found the comment and meant it in the purest way possible. I meant parts of self. I have left brain parts and right brain parts, I have science curious parts and creative metal melting parts. I like fire, but I burn things that are beautiful when they burn like pewter and aluminum. Copper glows and silver is just too expensive to play with cause it rolls up into a $60 ball and rolls away in to the corner, but steel and sparks are hot, but never really on fire unless you’re forging and I don’t do that often enough to have joy with the process of hitting hot metal, there is some time to play in a molten puddle while arc welding that you don’t get while MIG welding. I prefer to stare as it liquefies into a shiny smooth puddle of puddle. Yeah, that was a graceful end, so it ended there.IMG_0535

IMG_0534-I have not really had the need to cuss you out so…

“now all i have to do is find a way to write shit. oh! … sorry … again … !
so, thanks for everything. i think you are a fresh of breath air … ks

-kind words for an honest opinion, that is a compliment that I can appreciate. We should be sleep, my half pill kept me up so I could be late tomorrow, self-sabotage, but writing is a therapeutic thang. Take care, kurt happy parting.


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