This response has been brought to you by the letters C and A and the numbers 18 and 2,920.

a better title maybe, what do you think?
cat reacting in terror
circular logic
customary usually but not reasonable as opposed to “usual customary and reasonable medical charges”

Abhorrent behavior that continues
Absent minded writer poet artist sculptor
Abysmal spelling until the red lines disappear (just keep substituting letters, the red will go away- it is the opposite of being color blind, I see red everywhere under every word I type)
Apathy for vacuuming and window washing
(That is usually the sign,
that I am starting a new medication,
along with wall washing.)

My eyes keep watering
a stream of tear falls
from one eye at a time.
This is not crying,
this is irritation
I turned on the heat
and my eyes can’t take it.
I have to go change the air filter
at least I’m not sneezing.
(I’m not ashamed of crying or admitting it,
I killed a cell phone while pregnant and crying.
The sound a phone makes when it is frying does
sound like an egg in a cast iron pan
(softly in the background of
your conversation that goes dead.)
That’s (fried eggs) actually the sound
we were told to listen for when arc welding properly.

Do you see why I was having a hard time finding a title for this.
Great, wake up at five am and write for the hell of it,
then look like/sound/write like some crazy woman.
I’m going to have to go outside soon…)
Ask me what I did yesterday.
Go ahead, just ask.
Really, I’m gonna tell you anyway.
I MOVED STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL! ARGH! The almost last of it on his property.
I’m ready to file for bankruptcy, what a coagulation of consonants. nkr ptcy Yeah, I know, “and sometimes why, why, why, why?”

18 years per child multiplied
by 365 days factored down to the number left
for the ones who will be 18 in 2,920 days.
Those days cannot be separated
into overlapping days because there
could be two special phone calls
that day regarding Child B or Child C,
who I call the Silent Sentinel and My Child.


Can I just say something about my children’s hair?

What is with it?
IS it a helmet?
Couldn’t you
comb it?

Pouffy does not describe
the afro of this century of
mixed children. There are
textures that almost cannot be
described but Girlie has opted for
the compresssed afro.
I prefer the braid
that points up to the sky,
no matter what I do.
The other option is
un-natural and requires
chasing, brushing, pulling
detangler sprays and oils
multiple implements of torture.
The great afro pick
the not so great mini pick
The comb of destruction
A detangling comb (designed
for not mixed children’s hair.)
Girlie told me so as she lobbed that
comb across the room and ran
to the other side of the house.
She’s got a great arm
Bows, no (edible and chokable)
headbands, no (breakable and choking hazard)
barrettes, no (edible and chokable)
hairpins with decoration, no (edible and chokable)
hats, you have got to be kidding
I’ve got one picture of this child with a home made bunny hat on
and I swear I could see her fine and gross motor skills developing as I
focused on her, so she could snatch it OFF her head.
“It is cruel to try to dress your daughter like a doll.”
I was more into stuffed animals any way.
I never really never played the right way with dolls and before
you get all worked up and ready to call some agency of child safety,
my brothers and I used to put our barbie, soft toys, gi joes in a blanket and toss them
up in the air and the person who won was the one whose doll got stuck in the nifty
1970’s light fixture, then we had to get the yardstick to pull it down. GI Joe was a
heavy sucker of a toy and a diffuser breaker, so I won a lot.

This oil and that oil have been
thrown behind boxes or poured
out on the carpet
and the tools
have been slid
behind each dresser
in the house,
she does not like them
she wants them no longer
until she brushes her
own hair after I get it
into some type of tidy style.
My favorite is the bride of
Frankenstein -do without the
white streaks,
this Girlie has a plethora of hair,
she who was almost
bald when born,
polar opposite of
her brothers all born
with a full head
of straight
black hair.

ESR changes his hair daily,
but looks like an anime character about the head
He has Shirley Temple curls when he allows his hair
to grow out and be natural,
but that is not cool and
does not require a straightening
wand/flat hot iron thingie

The silent sentinel has, well,
adonis curls that keep curling, tighter and tighter without getting big hair, so long that uncurled they reach his chin
he has the texture for dreads,
but hid behind them for two years so he sports a modified pompadour
with curls like they have superpowers, not oily,
black folk have to add grease to hair
but you knew that already
sorry, just stating the obvious
Getting him to wash it is another story
of scalp torture and hidden combs.
(WHAT! Girlie and the Silent Sentinel are similar, like siblings.)
I just could not resist the playing with esssses.

My Child is creating a style.
Don’t know why, the fairest of them all
who has the waviest
wants the kinkiest
he can’t have it.
I can’t make his hair kinky
I can’t go backwards and
ask this last child’s genes
to reshuffle and be more like
my hair. I know I mention my
super powers, but that is one I never
possessed, but wait,
he wears a head band
to make
it stand up
more, like he
couldn’t just wait
for it to grow,

Another tear just fell

When a tear falls on an
alpaca sweater does it make a sound?

Another tear, come on, I can’t see
through this dripping.
That one just kinda stopped on my cheek.
Damn, high cheekbones.

Girlie talks in her sleep,
“Bye, bye, bye, good bye”
Maybe she heard a bird outside her window,
Or, maybe her stuffed bunny
just got ejected from the crib.
I’m sure that was it,
she talks to them you know
and they respond back
as fluffy toys will
on occasion when they
have something to say and
someone worthy to speak to.

Time to go

She’s calling for

Wouldn’t it be nice if My Bear could come to the rescue of the shrieking Girlie?

What kind of mixed message
am I sending if I get her?
This is a rare thing. Work
schedules being what they are…
Okay, she’s smart and knows
it is the weekend and
the Bear is in the house
so why shouldn’t she call
for her father who needs to GET UP!
and play with Girlie.
This is not a pancake day.



4 thoughts on “What title for this could explain such ramblings??? Anthology, a hot mess?

  1. This sounds just like the kind of stuff I write when I do Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages exercise. First thing every morning you’re supposed to write in longhand for three pages. Just whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t even have to make sense. I’ve written some pretty weird sh*t!!! So I feel right at home with your post! 😀

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