I’ve started waking
up at the crack of dawn.
No, the spine of dawn.
The crack is a bit lower and
I’m talking middle of the night time
here. That pleasant time where you have
to remain silent or you could wake a sleeping
Girlie. The Sentinel and the Bear seem to sleep
like babies, but not my Girlie, she gets up ANYTIME
raring to go, dancing actually ready to jump, run on tiptoe
through the leaves and give hugs, waves and smiles to strangers
Like my ex husband.

Yes, that required a tab and a return on the key board.
I have a mac, so maybe it is your enter key or some such thing if you have a non-mac.

to that
is okay
to wave
to my child
who is not his
who is innocent
who he can corrupt
who he can manipulate
who will never be his daughter.


3 thoughts on “Crack

Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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