A circle found in the sand can mean
that you have found me out.
I leave cryptic things drawn
in the sand, I can’t help it.

Sand is nature’s chalk board.
An artist given a piece of chalk
is like giving a squirrel a nut
then we’re off, making things
that no one will understand

Not like a crop circle,
but simple things that
will frustrate the hell out
of someone going for a walk.
Fun for me, curious for you.

There may have been smaller
dots that you missed when you
walked through this one I see
your footprint within my circle
Or, the tide has already washed
them away never to be seen.

I walk with a stick along the
shore never using it for support
or protection, it is not a wand
but a baton, a crayon a stylus.


9 thoughts on “https://promptlings.wordpress.com/2015/11/03/the-sandbox-writing-challenge-13-how-does-this-relate-to-your-life/

  1. Love this! It is Nature’s chalkboard, canvas or clay. I love building castles or dolphins. Perhaps you have seen one. I will think of you from now on when I see something drawn there. By the way, I love your new script blue font.

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    1. Thank you. I’m in WordPress 201 and I had to take a leap and change my theme, so there’s some stuff missing, but I’m going to learn patience and work on it in the middle of the night since I’m not sleeping anyway. I will look for the castles. I need to take Girlie to the beach before it gets too cold so we can play in the sand.


  2. I find it hard to stop myself from leaving my mark in the sand. I have a friend who can’t resist leaving his mark in the woods. It’s lovely to follow in his footsteps. He makes spirals of leaves and wildflowers, and sculpures from branches, sticks and stones. He’s really good.

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