Uxorial Bliss


Disclaimer: This blog may be considered to be less than friendly, be warned.

The thing is
once you say
“I do” to the
wrong person
in front of
God, family and
whatever friends
you may have
in attendance

The state,
your minister
your family
and your “friends”

(I say that in
because your
real friends will
stick with you
through your
hormone driven
drive to become
a couple create
a brood, even
though you swore
on a stack of
Bibles that you
weren’t cut out for
that type of lunacy
because you had
other plans, like
being David Gahan’s
love slave, tripping
David Bowie
falling into his arms
and deeply in love,
though Iman
beat me to it.

Your “friends” will
abandon you
desert you
call you a
“but I thought you said you loved him?”
the little harpy smiled sweetly
that cowardly little person has a
miserable marriage (quoting her)
and is afraid to say squat to her husband.

I think,”but I haven’t tried standing on my head, yet?”
misery loves company

“too late,” you said, “I do,”
you’ll look bad if you back out

“this is good for you
(like Castor Oil for a cold)

“You’ll get used to it
“It can’t be as bad as you say
(So, you’re calling me a liar.
I have been known to
turn my back and walk away
from stupidity like that without
saying a word, when I really
want to shoot white lasers
from my eyes, erasing the person
from my world in a neat clinical way.
Like pressing the delete
key on my keyboard)

“It’s not as bad as you think
“If your marriage is so bad
then mine really is worse so
lets suffer together
is really what is meant, huh!

“So do you mean,
because I’m bisexual,
you’re a lesbian and
we should leave our
husbands to live/die
like Thelma and Louise?”

That stops them cold.
My humor is not always
socially acceptable though
it might be politically correct.

Playful barbs stop the
“helpful advice” and
help remove the
“friends” themselves
Not sure how to take me?
Seriously, or was I joking?

Remember the recess games?
“will you be my friend?”
“will you be my friend?”
“oh, not you. I meant her,”
the popular girl says
to your best friend.
You stand frozen in time
as your “friend”
walks away.

These things build character
a sarcastic, sardonic character
with a wicked sense of humor.
I’m not a mean person, but I’ve
had years of silence to think
of funny things to say about people.

The older I get
the more I say these
things to people aloud.
What else have I got to lose?
Their friendship? Their trust?
They get something from me
they don’t deserve- my blunt honesty.

I will say these things to a
former friend person when
they are not in front of other people.
Embarrassing someone you’ve
become skeptical of is still wrong.

My morality is flawed,
I keep looking for a
spark of humanity in the
people that have proven
that they like to inflict pain.

It’s like watching a tornado
approaching while standing firm,
believing that the bright sunshine
in the distance is not the
eye of an even larger storm.

No, I don’t watch disaster films,
my life has been a disaster film
with no film crew. Unfortunately,
my crew would have been killed
by Godzilla, the aliens or the flood
then their bodies would have
fallen into the bottomless sinkhole
that opened up in the middle of
my town clearing the debris
and allowing the fire trucks
and paramedics to roll in and
roll out the Bandage, bandage,
bandage, oxygen…

And by the way,
nobody gives a shit
about your emotional
well being during a divorce.
You started it,
suck it up
deal with it
eat your cold sticky
oatmeal without sugar
cause you have a lot
of growing up to do, sister.
And while you’re at it,
grow a pair, because
you’re going to need them
to get you through this war.


7 thoughts on “Uxorial Bliss (Anger alert)

  1. Wow, I love your honesty, not many people I find can take such honesty when they see it. You sound like me inasmuch for you it is the only way being straightforward. Take care. Finding the right husband how do you do it, I thought I had but no, still mourned him 16 years after he died then I learnt the truth and stopped mourning, bang health started to deteriorate and shit it is so unfair, agree?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, I wasn’t even looking and found what a special creature I had found, got divorced and he still won’t go away. Life is never going to be fair so I might as well, just do what I can to make an effort to do things that my stupid body will allow even if it screams at me the next day. My children depend on me. I’m learning to depend on me and ask for help when it gets too hard, which seems to be everyday. Hah! I’m aiming for being a feisty 99 year old, like my grand mothers.

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  2. Good luck to you, I have two Sons still at home in their thirties, keep telling them to go and see the World they tell me they are happy as they are. I depend on them a lot, try not to make it too obvious but they are great to me. My husband died I cannot imagine how hard it must be if yours will not leave you alone.

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    1. No, not a lot of job counseling. I could always get a job doing something I hated, until I decided life was too short. I was a temp, so I had to be pleasant, quick and easy to get along with. That meant swallowing my pride, doing drudge work in offices and being told to slow down, so I didn’t make the regular employees look bad. I usually got hired by the companies I temped for since I worked without regard for myself. I was a model employee, until I started having problems getting to work on time, but by then I was running a business and had three kids.

      Liked by 1 person

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