I popped awake at 4:36am
cause it is fun to be awake
in the dark, in the quiet
in the house full of breathers
sleeping. MY mind is going
as fast as my heart rate.

I replied to an email,
I tried to fix my blog,
patchy, glitchy, no featured
images unless I repost them
in Add Media in the old
editing interface, which I
prefer, but how do I get the
widgets to do the right
widget things???????????
Where are my unused but not
deleted widgets again?

Find the settings and experiment
That’s what WordPress 201 is for.
Am I allowed to add the WordPress
201 badge on my site if I only made
it through Days 1-5, before I decided I
didn’t want to make the suggested changes
for Days 6-10 to my site. I’ve spent the
morning reading and I guess I already
use HTML, though not often, I do understand
its purpose, to give me the flexibility, I don’t necessarily need
that others may want. I’m not trying to be cranky, but I don’t want to
have to reinsert 300 images back into my posts because I changed to a theme that doesn’t support Featured images. The only solution seems to be to find a theme similar to this one
that allows for featured images, that won’t eat all of my current changes, but will allow me access to my reply widget, which I suspect is buried in my settings in the old, non “Boop, boop, boop” interface. I’ve got issues with that Blue page and the things it does not let me do. Grumble, mumble. Maybe I’m hungry, then I’ll be able to think about staring at 900 free themes that will allow me to reclaim my lost (not lost) just not visible images…

No, I don’t think I’ll post this in the Commons.
Those folks are nice people, and they don’t deserve bitchiness
so early in the morning. If I can produce a simple question I might
ask if it is not too late to get help. Here I am trying to rein it in.

What theme is similar to Libre, but allows for Featured images and
how do I get my award free blog image visible again
Why does my calendar of posts not have a bold font on the days I post?

This theme is too simple for me isn’t it?
I’m too complicated for it, that’s really it isn’t it?

Thorny bitch rant
Thorny bitch rant

No, there is no featured image I inserted it into the body so I guess it can be transferred anywhere…


4 thoughts on “Once Again

    1. Yes, some of my widgets are incompatible with the new theme and all of my featured photos are no longer visible on my blog, so, I’m about to make another change to my blog theme. Cause I can’t go outside and garden in the dark. Or The Trouble with Tribbles from Star Trek. Search Episode 44, The Trouble with Tribbles – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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      1. One of my favorite episodes! I loved how they put tribbles in the first Star Trek movie of the new series. That was fun. Didn’t know you were a Star Trek fan. My favorite episode is Amok Time where everyone things Spock kills Kirk. Gawd! I was so sad when Nimoy died. Saw his son on The Big Bang Theory the other night. Looks a little like him. Doesn’t have his presence though.

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