Placate the gods

Really, cause I have nothing better to do.
Obviously, I have pissed off the insomnia gods.
I should build a temple in my front yard
Set it alight and hope the gods notice
before the local fire department.

Next month, I will try building a mud tower
to placate the angry- pain, anxiety, panic,
trauma, depression and female organ gods.
These tributes are filling up my yard.
What will the neighbors think?


4 thoughts on “3am, not 4am, not 5am

  1. People like to blame God for their problems. I think there are demigods out there still, left over from the Romans and the Greeks and in order to exist they must have current foci, like patron saints. Hence, the angry female organ god. BTW my neighbor across the street thinks I’m a witch. Better than a bitch:)

    I’m educating the neighbor hood on lasagna gardening, cottage gardening and organic gardening all at once. Once they realize I’m a sculptor, they will really freak out.

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