1. Do not find things to do in the middle of the night to fight insomnia.
  2. The basement is a dangerous place for you- you budding pyromaniac.
  3. Those boxes of old patterns are extremely flammable.
  4. Cleaning with fire is a bit drastic.
  5. Water is not enough when they spill flaming from the wood burning stove.
  6. Asbestos gloves work better.
  7. Washing clothes was a wise thought.
  8. Bleaching stained sheets was not, you never wear gloves.
  9. Chemical burns hurt.
  10. Ash on chemical burns burn more.
  11. Curling up in the fetal position with a book would have been a better idea.
  12. Smashing all the old china in the basement may be cathartic, but a bit noisy in the wee hours of the morning even if you have plans to make a Louise Nevelson mosaic on your wall. (Her work was monochromatic, so why break multi colored pieces of ceramics, glass and porcelain? Hmm. Spray it all black?)
  13. Maybe I was going to use my river glass collection on my windows finally! interspersed with colored china, which is nothing like Louise Nevelson’s work at all…
  14. Thinking about art, making lists about art, writing about art and preparing materials for art is still not making art unless you are a conceptual artist or a grant writer.
  15. I am unsettled,
  16. I am unwell,
  17. I am unhappy,
  18. I am unfulfilled,
  19. I am frustrated
  20. I am not stable and
  21. I am not a patient, patient
  22. Calling the psychiatrist when they open is a good plan.
  23. so they can tell me to get some sleep and wait, punishing the bad patient until I punish myself.
  24. How long do I have to wait for my cocktail to work?

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Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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