I was hoping to roll over
this second morning
until I realized that
I am stuck on my back
with my legs up or down.
There is no roll to the
left or right, only pain.

This is PMS right? an added
feature to leaving crime
victim stains in bed
soaking blankets in
cold water to remove
traces of my fertility

PMS pre, post, permanent
menstrual syndrome hormone
roller coaster (that I will
never in reality be able
to physically ride in again)
along with the burst of
testosterone fury that had
been controlled by my
no longer working meds.

This is the second morning
today because I woke up at
4am to watch Saturday Night Live
on Hulu before resorting to
the Secrets of Isis

These things are done to
keep me out of trouble
at some point I rolled over
onto my back with the
laptop fell asleep and
now I am in bed
with my lower back on fire.

I closed my eyes and grimaced
at the pain spot patterns
as I forced movement to unlock
my back and roll to the
left with my legs bent.
A lackluster yee-haw,
there is movement.
Click, something in my pelvis
popped with a disconcerting
relocation of bone in socket.

Did you know that Living Social
has a special on Corsets?
Why oh why is a corset a good thing.
I have an image of a small woman’s
maid placing her foot upon her
mistresses back to do up the laces.

This is not for bondage,
this is for the sake of vanity
Why not be able to breathe
without fainting unless that is a
new fad too with butt implants.

Girly has woken up
and is making the most godawful
sound. She was patient then
she started making
gaggle of geese
sounds this morning.

Time to move, pain and blood be damned.

Also, sorry about my site, I’m trying to fix some things but I’ve got widget problems and need time and concentration I don’t have to make it look normal again, though I do have my header images back. One step forward. Now crawl out of bed, ready, set…

One last thing, when I woke again today,
I very distinctly heard someone ask
to speak to me in my ear. She had a
familiar voice and she knew my name.
Gotta love the subconscious brain
and my sleep disorder.



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