Old post from last week.

So, I’m trying out this theme and I have partial posted Girlie in the featured image that I can’t see in the header of this page, but it is in the reader. Wha? How? UGH! I thought I stuck her in the post as add media, but I must have been dreaming. I’m about done with yet another theme that makes me not

listening to the knockings and pingings of this house.

Okay, I figured it out. It is not my subconscious. There are some psycho birds living in my gutters, messing with my sleep. They must be related to woodpeckers.

By the way, I have had two nights of regular sleep. I didn’t want to jinx it, by posting it in plain sight. I did this weird four pillow anti scoliosis prop sleeping on my left side and no morning pain either.

I am the human barometer and when these cold fronts move in, my back starts screaming, “DANGER, DANGER, Will Robinson!” from the old tv show lost in space-Including the crazy arm motions.

So, I’ve been oversleeping. The house is quiet again and Girlie probably is out of her crib trashing the room after having stripped herself naked. Nothing like the taste of freedom, cause Mommie’s a slug.


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Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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