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Once upon a time there
was a small girl who 
wanted to be invisible.

She practiced her
invisibility by sitting
quietly for hours
waiting for someone to
notice that she had not
uttered a word for
some time.

After a few hours
her mother would call her
to dinner and she would
arrive and sit at the
table without saying
a word. Her father, who
was also very quiet,
would wink at her and
she would giggle.

Then she learned to be
very quiet as she played
hide and seek with her
family. Sometimes she was
so quiet that she fell
asleep under a pile of
blankets where it was
warm and cozy with her
stuffed wind up kitty.

The kitty’s head would
move as it played a song,
but that wasn’t very silent
so she stopped winding
the kitty. That made
for a very quiet nap
until no one could find
her at the end of the game.

Then her house got very
loud as her family called
her name, room by room.
Each brother came in looking
for their silent sister
but they could not see
her under the covers.

Finally, she came out of
hiding and expected her
family to be happy to see


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