I cleaned my keyboard
in the middle of a
drafted document
now I see red dots
under spotting most
of the words on my
draft posts?
What are they
little red ghosts?

A window at the
bottom of the page opened
up and there was code in
it. I don’t know if it was
CSS but I have made a
mess in my account.

Please anyone with any
knowledge of what I may
have done, or actually,
what I did please let me know?

Help? Or, who do I
ask for help from
at WordPress?


4 thoughts on “I cleaned, still a mess

  1. I always start with WP support that is at the bottom of my dashboard page. I somehow end up in a forum where you can ask questions. There is an option to have emails come when someone responds to your question. Usually someone who knows what they are doing answers. There is probably a more expedient way, but I don’t know.
    Good luck!

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