This is what my screen looked like:

The problem

I opened the web developer
toggle tools with the swipe
of a cloth. Can I turn off
all this swiping and tapping
stuff? My hands shake, twitch
then I have to figure out where
in the hell, I’ve sent my screen. 

There used to be a simple menu
with “show code” in it back when
I could read and write html code,
but then css arrived I had four
kids then I stopped producing brain cells.
Well, based on that article which
doesn’t even discuss the brian cell
issue, it says that my brain shrank
during each pregnancy. I wonder if
mine got stuck somewhere along the way
and never returned to full size.

My mommy nose is still in residence.
I can smell everyone in the house.
I wish I couldn’t, most of the time. 
There is nothing like the smell of a
teenage boy much less, two teenage
boys or an 18 year old son, or
my bear, who smells of metals and hydraulic fluids…

It is driving me insane. However, I digress.

I cleaned my keyboard, this programming
window popped up and now that I know what
I did I can ask for help, without sounding
like a complete idiot. I’ll sound like
a partial idiot:

Dear Happiness Engineers,

I managed to screw up the code on my page, without intending to delve into the world of CSS and code inspectors.  What do I do?

Amenuensis Sobriquet-Reverie


One thought on “Once upon a time, I cleaned my keyboard

Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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