To make the casting mold
I mixed 1/4 container of water to plaster that is
added until the solution
is super saturated, the plaster floats on the surface

I poured the plaster
into an old wire grinder plastic container
and let it dry

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I carved the dry mold
pressed clay into it to check for errors

I edited the mold
pressed another piece of clay into the mold
I compared the two

oil based clay press casts
oil based clay press casts

I collected the pewter
I heated the slag, straining it through two stainless steel mesh drains
The clean pewter flowed
into the aluminum foil basin I formed to catch the molten metal


Melting pewter straining through stainless steel
Melting pewter straining through stainless steel

I made a second plaster mold
to contain the medallion I was trying to make
Attempt number one showed
the letters were carved well but the metal cooled
too quickly to allow the
pewter to flow through the entire coin.


Half a small medallion

Attempt number two was worse
It looked like an antique coin
that was twice the thickness of a nickel
back to the starting board is not too bad of a thing.
Yee haw, I’m making art.



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