I want my Paxil back
I want Paxil and a new back
I want my old back back and Paxil
I want my innocence back so I won’t need Paxil
I want to not feel pain, while I take Paxil
I want to dream of being pain free though Paxil will take my dreams
I want to continue dreaming of a life without Paxil and chronic pain
I want a lot of things don’t I?
I want a lot of things

I want my Paxil back. (Not a strange request.)
Want my Paxil back, I (say this using Yoda’s voice)
My Paxil back, I want (pick any sesame street monster, use that voice)
Paxil back, I want my (just a fragment, pick any jingle from the 70’s Shasta)
Back, I want my Paxil! (use the whispering voice of the small girl)

I want to sleep through the night


8 thoughts on “I want

      1. No, they put me on something that was an antipsychotic/antidepressant in addition to my viibryd, took away my anti -anxiety med klonapin, then gave me red dye in small doses in the tylenol, and gave me ativan on demand only. I want paxil because I am wasting away. I’m 131 pounds at 6 feet tall. The nurse I saw last week said my weight was fine. These people are crazy. I know that Paxil worked in 2013, I don’t mind trying a generic until they find that the name brands work best for me. It has to be better than sobbing through the 10th anniversary of Les Miserable and the Avengers.

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      2. No, there is no study. They just won’t listen to me or read my previous psychiatrist’s file. Actually, no one has requested his file. I know what works and Paxil also increases the appetite and I could stand to gain at least 25 pounds so that I’m not a walking skeleton.

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