I managed to do some thing
too much of something
I did a full day’s work
almost and got myself
exhausted and had to be
taken to the hospital
in an ambulance.

Why, oh why can’t I remember
to stop while I’m ahead.
It felt so good
to feel capable again.
To lift steel into a truck
to be functional without
the need of a boy
a man, a son, an ex-husband.


My life is changing
too drastically
too quickly,
I had to pull over
and let my son
drive me home.

I hate driving home on
these dark highways.

Lack of physical
strength does not mean
lack of mental strength.

When I get tired,
during the month,
this time I had a

I want off all this
conflicting seizure
causing medication.
Due to current
I cannot stop meds
That would be dangerous.
I have to schedule
another neurology
appointment, plus
something for the pain
plus the back
and for the

My boots are in
the middle surrounded
by Girlie’s and the
Silent Sentinel.IMG_1393


9 thoughts on “It felt good until…

  1. Dang that kid’s got big feet!!! Why don’t you just lay low now until Christmas, girlfriend? Give that to yourself as a present. Go make cookies with girly. Read stories. Watch something stupid on TV! Take care of yourself E. Love & Hugs…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lay low. Trying, not possible, still trying. Waiting for Bear to surface. Greenhouse may blow away if I don’t edit the anchoring. Must plant now on a warm day. Learning to use small containers of dirt. No wheelbarrows for me-ever again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not stupid at all. Are you an earth sign? You probably draw your strength from the earth. Well TRY to chillax as best you can, girlfriend! Did you get the hatches battened down on the green house?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No, I’m a fire sign. Leo in the first days of August. I’m casting today and giggling with Eldest Surly Reverie (Boy #1) and Girlie wreaking havoc with the ornaments and the mini tree. I know better than to get a real tree until she has less of a sense of humor. Bear returned. I didn’t know my phone was turned off today. I decided not to rush. Why hurry for contact that is usually bad news.


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