Little hands squeezing

my neck hello,

” UP” she yells

she is my happiness

for now, today.

Happiness is fleeting.

But gratitude is a

different thing than

bestowing happiness, dear Santa.

Gratitude requires

the grace to accept

something meant to help,

like groceries from

my neighbors or

the mowing of my lawn

because I can no longer

push a mower.

A simple thank you will suffice.


11 thoughts on “Happiness vs. Gratitude

    1. It was my pleasure. Not everyone will admit to scream laughing. It is along the lines of “I spit my coffee” or a laugh snort. A genuine find you are:) It was so early in the morning here I was worried you would be late to work. I forgot cyber space means possibly being on the other side of the world. The Silent Sentinel says he will try to make a drawing for us. Giggle. Thanks for the great conversation.BIG HUGS!

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