Not of a bird,
that would be a
bat at this hour
but the sound of
my greenhouse
blowing with these
gale force winds
off the lake.


17 thoughts on “I just heard the flapping

      1. They can’t track you if you move slowly, also, people are not so likely to be eaten since they zip around so fast. I’m just saying that from my point of view (tee-hee-hee) when I get hormonal, you seem like such a lovely person:)

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      2. I’m glad I could make someone other than Girlie laugh. Its a hard sell here. The house is asleep.

        It’s hard not to bite off heads sometimes. I try so hard to be good, then some idiot gets too close and offers me butter or cheese at the wrong time, then I either soapbox
        the person or bite off yet another
        empty head. I should write a post called “Lactose Intolerance for the Intolerant and Dim”

        I’m glad I could help:)

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      3. We’re in cyber land so I will never bite your head off even if you mention what a wonderful piece of cheese cake you ate with macaroni and cheese with a block of ice cream afterwards. I know you have food issues and I’m the ignorant one because I don’t live it.

        In my reality, when my mother offers me butter, margarine or yogurt, I feel a twitch then my head pops open and a hydra pops out and swallows her whole and that’s on a good day. It’s as if this is a choice.

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      4. I love a good scream laugh. Sorry… this is …. Hydra. I want to see a drawing of that. I have celiac sprue and am wheat/gluten intolerant but normally don’t get upset unless someone tells me I am faking it to mask an eating disorder. Then some Prada will really hit the flan. xo

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      5. I’ll have to have one of my kids video tape it. My drawing skills for realistic horror fantasy are lacking and actually always have been. kinda like being able to play or sing jazz. My genes gave that gift (illustration) to my children, who love to draw gore, horror and their dreams. If I ask politely, maybe the Silent Sentinel will draw a little picture.

        People have no problem asking if I’m anorexic and I’m getting sick of it. Ask a person if they smoked as a child and it stunted their growth and I’d be in big trouble, but for some reason, eating disorders are fair game. I’m skinny, therefore I have no feelings.

        I’m trying to imagine a woman wearing Prada exploding poison flan all over a person who asks if she has an eating disorder… hmm. I should be a filmmaker.

        Scream laughs are healthy for you. They help reset your nervous system, like yawning. I think my yoga teacher said that.

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      6. I am looking forward Silent Sentinel’s drawing. I think we have the “I’m sick of it” thing in common. Last year, in protest, I wore tutus to work (with jackets) and people have largely stopped saying outrageous things to me. xo

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      7. Well, obviously all ballerinas have eating disorders. Ya got balls girl! I’m only mighty behind a pseudonym and a laptop. Actually, I have been known to growl at people, just soft enough for them to wonder if they heard it or not. I’m the quiet librarian type, that wears glasses, looks geekish with dreadlocks, wears battle gear (jeans and a turtleneck or t-shirt.) Who stopped giving a damn when I got divorced, started wearing dresses and heels until I had drop foot last year, but I still wear dresses while I garden barefoot, sometimes do yoga in the front yard, well, I used to before all the damn muscle spasms kicked in. So, no muscle mass, lower and lower body weight, mood swing central here in dark, dark winter Ohio. If only my arms could support me instead of my back, life would continue to be at the status quo.

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