I accept that
I have insomnia

I accept that
I am not a traditional anything

I accept that
I have vivid dreams that stick to my consciousness

I accept that
I write better poems than stories

I accept that
I have always been a dreamer, planner, plodder

I accept that
four hours of writing a story made me want to write poetry more.


4 thoughts on “Up at some ridiculous hour

  1. I can go one hour better than you, I never go to bed until 4am, last night or should I say this morning it was 5am
    before I slept. It is a dreadful feeling is it not trying so desperately to go to sleep the harder you try the more awake you are. Take care.

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    1. I gave up on trying to get back to sleep, I have such weird sleep habits. No matter when I go to sleep, which is like passing out for me, I wake up at random early times. It used to be 5am, then 4am and today 3:33. Doesn’t matter when I go to sleep, I can’t stay asleep beyond a certain time and now I wake up at random points during the night 12:30, 1:30, 2:30 so I write and read. I have what they call bad sleep hygiene. I have a computer in bed, I keep a light on and I eat before I go to sleep because otherwise I’d never eat dinner. I’m blaming this on my medication changes. I’ll put a sleep study on my long list of things to do after I stop feeling like crap. I’m sorry we’re up probably at the same time, but at opposite ends of a cycle. With the time zone difference I’m not so sure. Take care, Dear Anna:)

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