I wanted to continue the cycle of
quotations(to appease your sister, I comply) and
I wanted to find things written by female artists.
My cranky nature and exhaustion and unmedicated ADHD,
sent me down the rabbit hole searching for words,
thoughts from Louise Nevelson and Frida Kahlo.
Two very opposite passionate creatures
then I wandered off to take care of Girlie before
I got back to your request:

“SoFarSoStu has tagged me for the three days, three quotations and tag three other people.

“The rules are to post 3 quotes over 3 days and nominate 3 bloggers each time to carry on with the challenge.”

I have to say quotation because I can hear my sister scolding me for “verbing” words.”

I hate nominating people, really
(see Cranky nature above)
so I ask any of my readers to
participate if they’d like

– I was already interested in painting when I was about twelve. I was about fifteen when I began to draw. I have the first drawing, a self-portrait that I did in 1925 (in reality she did and gave this self-portrait two years later in 1927 to a grade-school friend and wrote above her drawn head: “Here I am sending you my portrait, so you will remember me”, fh) I began to paint after the (bus, fh) accident, I made the self-portrait with the clouds (1926, fh) and the portraits of Adriana Kahlo, Lira, Alicia Galant, Christina Kahlo and Agustin Olmedo. All, more or less, are from the same period. With the last ones, I was wearing the cast corset (because of the injury by the bus accident in 1925 with her boy-friend Gomez arias), fh) I would get out of the bed and paint at night. (1950)
* Frida Kahlo (Frieda), biography facts in artist quotes on art, paintings, her self-portraits and life with Diego Rivera; source: Chapter ‘My Painting’, in ”Song of herself”; interviews by Olga Campos / ed. & translation Salomon Grimberg; Merrell London, New York, 2008, p. 73.

For Images:


Frida Kahlo
Her life made me sad.
More melancholy
than sad, so I
cried for her life
and for her death.

I remember doing
a book report or
something on her
when I was in school
looking for female
artists in this male
dominated field of art.

I used to draw self
portraits, not in
her style, but I
sculpted them in clay
displaying the inside
on the outside of a bust
I have it somewhere



Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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