“I was determined to open every front door…and walk right through the door [and] I didn’t care if I had to build the house myself.”
-Louise Nevelson

from Louise Nevelson A Passionate Life by Laurie Lisle

http://drkottaway.com said:
“SoFarSoStu has tagged me for the three days, three quotations and tag three other people.

“The rules are to post 3 quotes over 3 days and nominate 3 bloggers each time to carry on with the challenge.”

I have to say quotation because I can hear my sister scolding me for “verbing” words.”

I hate nominating people, really
(still cranky)
so I ask any of my readers to
participate if they’d like

Louise Nevelson was a force
an idol to be feared and
respected. A female sculptor
in a time of overt sexism
who took what she needed
to get where she wanted.

She played by rules that she
made up as she went along
while she made her art.
Can I be that ruthless?
Should I be that ruthless?
Will I be that ruthless?

The more I read about her
the less I feel a connection to her.
What sacrifices are acceptable
so much so
she reminds me of
a female Pablo Picasso?

I want to make art but not
at the expense of my children.
I did not know the woman
I only speak as an artist who
is power skimming her biography.
An opinion, I’ll keep thinking and reading.


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