Like a big girl
at the counter
eating her cereal.

Adamant refusal to
sit in her high chair
but pulling herself

up three feet to sit
on a high metal bar
chair brought in for me

to sit on in the kitchen
while making biscuits
with a screaming backache

The Silent Sentinal
noticed that she
spilled most of her

milk into a bin of
potatoes that was
under her chair.

Well, at least she
missed the floor.
Girlie had dragged

her bowl off the
counter and was eating
cheerios with soymilk

in her lap on a dish
towel. Determination on
her face she refused

help and insisted upon
the angle of the bowl
her reluctance to

relinquish the spoon
evident by the “SKWAAA!!”
that emanated from

her dripping lips.
Ask, I reminded her
“Ass” she joked with

a twinkle in her eyes
and a big smile on her
face. Mommie “Momeh”

may I “Meh -Ah”
my “MAH” spoon

She roared laughing

Girlie’s giggles
are contagious as
I imitate “whale

speak” Dorey style
from the Finding Nemo
movie The Sentinel and I

reduced to giggles are
on the floor as Girlie
spits cherrios at us

laughing, guffawing
as I shifted into
humpback speak

all decorum lost
to a sweet soy milk
coated cheek demon

I stopped typing
I hear singing next
door, plus the random

woof, quack, quack
moooooooo from a
Sesame Street Episode

we saw on the nethernet.
Oh, I have to go
she’ll need a change.

Before its too late


4 thoughts on “Girlie Sits

    1. Thank you! She is a short term cure for my depression and anxiety. Writing about her keeps me up while she is sleeping. I have to remember to take more photos of her too, though she is a blur on a cell phone camera these days. I wish I had gotten a picture of her laughing that day. Spontaneous acts of happiness are amazing.


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