Freak out about the change in
my prescription plan that makes
my old anti-depressant cost $190.

Start weaning myself off old
anti-depressant after getting
advice from the internet.

Start taking small amounts of
new anti-depressant.

Stop ADHD medication cold turkey
-Really Done

Visit My Neurologist

Find a new primary care provider
that cares in another county

Get a case management team for
Girlie so she can make it to
her medical appointments.

Get to physical therapy to help
heal my back.

-Find a real psychiatrist who
cares in another county
-Stop having seizures and withdrawal side effect
-Eat more often
-Gain weight

-Finish planting in my greenhouse
-Teach Girlie to garden while having fun outside
-Hope that ESR will eventually pass the manueverability test to get his driver’s license.
-Clean my house
-Clean my garage
-Make a new art studio

-Wield my unmedicated ADHD with grace and panache
-Read a book every other day
-Write on days that I’m not reading
-Lose my fear of the stairs, so I can do laundry again
-Gain strength every day

-Build a new bedframe
-Update my operating system again
-Sync my iPod to my computer
-Plan my spring gardens
-Clean my yard
-Fix my grapevine supports

-Hide this list before I get overwhelmed
-Laugh daily
-Allow others to fix their own mistakes
-Stop being hard on myself for being human
-Laugh at myself often
-Learn to adjust to my circadian rhythm shift
5am, 4:40, 4am, 3:30, 3am, 2:50, 2:20, 2am hike!


6 thoughts on “Task List

    1. Unfortunately, my doctor told me to stop taking my viibryd, klonapin and adderal without giving me any guidance whatsoever about how to do that. I’m supposed to go to a doctor that prescribes that medication so I can get off of it. He was very unwilling to be helpful other than giving me a prescription for Paxil. It was the quickest psychiatry visit of my life. My neurologist thinks there is something wrong with the psychiatrist.


      1. I don’t know, but I’m going to have to report them all. They really suck. Maybe they think mentally ill patients are stupid. My nightmare in the hospital proved that. The thing is, I don’t want to sue my doctors, I just want to be treated with dignity and respect. I need help, not lack of treatment in a lock down facility. I didn’t ask for these medical conditions, I just have to live with them without slipping into withdrawal. The doctors seem content to believe that I’m sicker than I am. I am not schizophrenic or psychotic, I have a major depression disorder, anxiety disorder and adhd. I am not bipolar.


      2. Mental diseases aren’t so easily compartmentalised, nor are most others. That’s something we like to do, but they are all on a spectrum, usually merging into each other imperceptibly. That apart though, mental illness has a stigma and pts are treated badly. I hope you find someone better..

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      3. Sure it’s not like having a broken arm, but if you receive adequate care for a number of years, have a diagnosis then, the pharmacy or your insurance provider changes your medication and you get a new doctor who likes zombies for patients, you get a new diagnosis that contradicts everything you have lived with for 30plus years. The stigma, should not be within the system and in this county it seems to be pretty rampant. I don’t think my complaints actually went anywhere. Just in the garbage. I don’t think anyone there cares at all. Whether its EEG’s or quality of life for functioning psychiatric patients.

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