“I always felt, when these people try that, let them have a good time. She was no challenge to me, but I must have been to her, so I let her do what she wanted and I did what I wanted.”

“If you make people understand the irony of a terribly shy person who is absolutely sure of herself, you’ll make them understand me.”

“It was only because I had so little confidence in the world that I wanted to build my own world, not the world, my world.

-Louise Nevelson
from Louise Nevelson A Passionate Life by Laurie Lisle

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Louise Nevelson 2
She was a beautiful
woman who did not fit
any mold you could
think of.

Uncomfortable with
marriage and domestic
life she was a mother
of one son unlike her
own mother (who bore
four children.)

Louise hailed from
the Ukraine fleeing
violence against
Jews at the age of
three and settled in
Rockland, Maine.

Her father traveled
there first leaving
his family behind
so he could work
to earn money for

their safe passage to
America. Traumatized
Louise did not speak
for six months. She

had a difficult time
reading and writing
in English, Yiddish
was the language
spoken at home, she

was at odds with
her new culture
her new country
and not fitting in
as a statuesque

immigrant who
excelled at art
and sports.
Captain of the
Girls Basketball

team she still
was not accepted
or invited into
her popular
classmates homes.

Her struggle with
so many things
the Jewish community,
her new home a
husband by the age of 20
a baby by the age of 22
her repeated bouts of
depression pushed
her toward finding herself
as a woman and an artist.


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