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He and his young wife
created a beautiful
perennial garden.
Each spring, summer
and fall the garden
flourishes still

Crocuses and daffodils
tulips, trillium and
lilac crown spring

Blooming shasta daisy,
blanket and balloon flower,
crape myrtle, lily, coneflower
carry the torch through summer

Cosmos, aster, chrysanthemum,
goldenrod and stonecrop sedum
reside until retirement
falls in autumn

Through the years
and a lifetime
the young couple
lived, matured and aged

She died of an illness
leaving him the house
and companion blooms

He sits looking
out the window
seeing memories
of their passion
for flowers passing
before his eyes

His daughter
wheels him to the
window each day
to watch the
activity, it calms
him she notices

The spirit of his
late wife weeding
with a hoe as a
man walks by on
the road.


5 thoughts on “He and She

      1. Actually I didn’t even think about that. I really did think about couples and marriage and when the first one leaves. It’s a poem that is reality for almost everyone who loses a spouse or a partner.

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