I wish!
and my back
woke me up

I could have
sworn I was
sleeping I
even have the
residue of a
dream floating
in my brain.
Can’t catch
it though.
It must have
made it to the
door at the
end of the

It fled like
does when
arrives swing
-ing a mace of
cold and moist
-ure, the in-
eviable freez-
ing rain and
downed trees
power outages
followed by

On the second
day the temp
plummets and
the eerie
sound of creak
-ing tree limbs
is followed by
musical jangling
of icicles
tinkling in the
winds. We will

see if I moved
into the snow belt
four miles from
this Great Lake.
My greenhouse
has already
winds off the
lake, now how
about lake effect
snow. I’m not
taunting Winter
I’m just wondering
when I should start
to panic?


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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