Continued from the
previous post Anne

Thanks M_______ for
sending the book to
me. Insomnia works
in my favor here. I
have time to read a
book though it feels
like slow torture to
be awake when the
world is asleep.

Thanks again for
saving me from clean
ing though I should
try to do it as a
therapeutic meditation

each day. One task
per day, one room per
day, anything to
avoid the overwhelm
ing chaos that is
my bedroom. So I
should simply create

a small list:
Thursday-Breakfast room
Saturday-Dining Room
Sunday-Living Room

Monday-Girlie’s Room
Tuesday-My Child’s Room
Wednesday-Laundry Room
Thursday-Basement Hallway
Friday-Unfinished Basement
Saturday-Art Studio
Sunday-The Yard

Sounds so easy when
presented in fourteen
steps, not forty (and
why don’t we spell forty
with a “u”. Just confuse
me why don’t you?)


4 thoughts on “A Small List

    1. I think dropping the u was some evil American plot (giggle) to confuse the school children who were trying to learn to spell. I think of spelling as a game. My children, ex and current boyfriend think of it as some kind of torture. I can’t play chess, but I can write and spell. Funny.

      14 items on a list is tame for me, the rest tend to be venting lists that achieve not much. I’m going to work on a three item list. Maybe.


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