I read a book yester
day that had nuggets
of wisdom throughout
the whole book. It was

called Stitches: A
Handbook on Meaning,
Hope and Repair. Laugh
out loud funny in
some parts and tragic

in others. She is a
survivor of pain,
current events and
Life (with a capital
L) One day I can hope
to be that philosoph
ical about grief,

loss, laughter, family
dysfunction and accept
ance. It all takes
time, she seems to
say in her book, the
right time when you
are ready to feel it.

(Continues in the next post.)


7 thoughts on “Anne Lamott

    1. I have to get Bird by Bird. I heard that one was good too. I have to get out of my dreamy state that I’m hiding/healing in and try to learn to cope. Though being able to read without being ridiculed is important, it reminds me of my childhood safe zone. 🙂


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