WordPress help for those as painfully ignorant as I

My response:

Dear man,
“my redneck roots would leave me hammer in hand with a broken computer in pieces before me” I would never call you a redneck, you merely went primal when your device of expression refused to be cooperatively expressive, resulting in a primal urge to beat the crap out of it. So natural, this frustration with technology, while our children just whip their fingers all over screens to make rainbows, butterflies and arpeggios fly out of the speakers. Are we not meant to have our feet on bare earth and souls in mud? We are mere creatures of the soil, who have moments of technological bliss, followed by Cro-magnon man moments where your tool became a weapon and needed to hit something large and immobile like the floor or a sturdy table. Sorry, I’m rambling. I’m glad you got the site stuff fixed and found a person who actually believes in customer service. Tis a rare and beautiful thing.

Please say hi to “Providence or synchronicity or blind luck” and send them my way. I could use them for some things around here.

My reasons:
I spent time yesterday working on a post in the wee hours of the morning, cause that’s when I do this stuff. Since I can no longer sleep after 2am.
I found an appropriate photograph
that went with the post and cropped
it so that it was portrait rather than
landscape then I pushed my text to
under the photograph. A long skinny
photograph to go with a long skinny
post to go with the long skinny author.
When I looked at in in the Reader editor,
it looked okay. When I looked at in the
My WordPress application it looked okay.
On my browser it looked okay. When I came
back to it this morning it looked like crap.
Well not ‘crap’ but there was a huge blob
of space in between the photograph and
the text. How freakin’ odd. Not odd, just
I actually like writing and playing with the
word locations and line length. I suppose I could
just abandon the interface and use another program
and turn my blogs into images, but I’m stubborn
and I want to learn how to fix my mistakes…
Funny, if you look closely at my post you may
notice the quotation marks being straight verticals
or curved to the left or right, there’s some squirrely
font code afoot now that I’m writing in visual rather than
html mode. I’m going to work really hard to ignore it.
I just looked at the preview of my next post and I’m going to lose it soon. What it looks like in Visual view is NOTHING like what it looks like in reality in my preview in the browser. It’s too ugly to read. The spacing looks like I literally lost my mind and want to take you all with me.  That is not my intent. I may have to erase it and start over.
Author’s note:
I rambled on and on and on and on, so I decided to end this post here and
move on the next post which is actually pretty offensive so skip it if you’re
not ready for one of my diatribes about the feminine products industry.
So, I’m trying to remain calm instead of the

primal being I have become…

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Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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