I spent the weekend
resting if you can
call it that
tossing and turning
never getting
but not exerting
myself. These 2am
mornings are
something else.

I tried to stay
up late (9:30pm)
and for that I
was gifted with
a 2am wake up
dream. Sigh,
I’m really very
tired of this.

When it became clear
that I had no hope
of going back to
sleep, I escaped
into the supernatural
realm of fantasy
books. This is a
throwback to my
childhood. Have I
gone full circle?

Hiding from life
in dreams and fantasy
books. Characters
that make me want
to scream, but I
still can’t put
the book (e-Reader)
down. I have to
follow through
on something.

I read an article
about adult ADHD.
Funny, how my most recent
psychiatrist doesn’t
believe in prescribing
medication for it.

My health only seems
to be a priority for
me. I’m swimming
in the sea of
inertia with him
and the current is
pulling me backwards.

This week, I get to meet
a new doctor a new
primary care doctor.

I hope he is sane.
I hope he believes in
medicine. I hope he
believes me. I hope he
can read. I hope he
holds the answers
(well some anyway)
toward me healing
and learning to be
healthy.I hope he
has communication

This weekend
I had a bunch of
horrible things
happen in my family.
No deaths, but stupid
things that I
chose to not panic
about or rise to
action to resolve.

I cannot save the
world. I cannot
help my children
until they are ready
to see where they
are, who they are
and what damage
they can do.

The good thing is
there will be no
jail time. No one
went to the hospital
no one is missing
or getting expelled.

Wow, did I almost
sound like I’m
handling what life
threw at me?

So, keys to
contentment are:
enough rest
some sleep
a buffer from
current events
more food
talking to
good friends
and baby hugs.


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