“okee mamee?”
she asks and
places her
tiny hand on
my shoulder.

My face is
on the floor
again staring
sideways at
the sea of
brown blond gold
carpet listening
to the neverending
sound of the
through the

“Woof,” she barks
while jumping
to emphasize
the sound,
proud that
she can jump
with two feet
and puts her
head down
to mine.

Forehead to
the floor
with both
feet planted
in some
variation of
facing dog.
She has yoga
in her
an old soul
to boot.

I lift my head
as she places
her hand on my
chin staring
into my eyes
until I remember
to smile
at the
glittering eyes
of mischief,
she laughs at
me. Pushing
away the
of hibernation

I say,
“Time for

she squeals.
I am
to spring
with a
two year old
nymph to
make me

When she
turns 18
I will be
sixty one.
Her brothers
will be adults
with lives in place,
I hope.

Many springs will pass
along the path to adulthood

8 thoughts on “Many Springs

    1. I hope those windows are lined with gold and are self cleaning for that price.
      I prepped my yerba mate gourd with sugar and a burning ember, cause I knew it was going to be bitter, then started the day with Girlie. I need to be able to focus at some point since I’m off the Adderall. All in all, I woke up at 2:40 and went back to sleep at 6am. The sunlight feels warm on my shoulder, feels like an approaching spring. This gives me hope for my schedule shift.


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