“Mommy, would you answer the phone?”
The Silent Sentinel’s request
woke me from a not so
pleasant sleep. The phone
rang it was my ex husband.

Sigh, there are things I hate
waking up to and he is one of them.

The call of course being about
My Child, who left his medicine
here this past weekend.

I reminded him to take it
and put it in his bag and
he told me he had. -Blatant lie

He was so concerned with his
movie date with some girl
and his group of friends
that everything else was being
done in a half-assed 13 year old
boy “who thinks I was born
yesterday” way.

As soon as they left
I got up and noticed
the medicine abandoned
in plain sight.

Yesterday (Tuesday),
I assumed we would get
the medicine to town last night.

I looked at my phone and
noticed a text from my bear
saying he forgot the medicine
was in the car. Wow, these pills
are joy riding around two counties.

Keeping my child from being
expelled is such hard work
even when he doesn’t live here.

I don’t usually believe in the
armed forces as a solution,
but I think its either jail or the
military. Someone is going to
shut that kid up, teach him to
give a crap about someone
other than himself.

What a mess.

On the phone
I suggested that my
Ex keep the kid home from
school and pick up his homework
rather than subject
him to another day of in
school restriction, that may
result in an expulsion.

I was ignored. Not a surprise.
My ex has done so well so far
with the boys (sarcasm) and
the world can see how well that is
so I’m not washing my hands of it, but
I can’t expend a lot of energy
on stuff that is out of my control.

Like the fact that it took my Ex
four days to figure out that the
medicine never made it back
to him. My question is
why send an entire month’s
supply of irreplaceable meds
to me for the weekend visit?

Do I really want an answer?

Negligence? Rushing?
Oversight? Stupidity?
To sabotage the child and take
away what little assistance he
had that was available to him?
Pulling the proverbial rug
out from under him,
time and time again.

I’m too harsh on the poor man.
It would have taken all of
two minutes to put seven pills
in two labeled medicine bottles.

Pre-empting the irascible teen’s
tantrum, the in school restriction,
this morning’s tantrum and the
50th reality check that My Child has
been lying to his father about taking

his medicine to the point of even
taking some of his brother’s older
ADHD medication at night which
probably means he was up all night
online with his friends. His father
is so surprised by the behavior
that he himself exhibits. Sigh.

I woke up in the middle of the
night again read for a bit then
fell back into a nightmare that
I hoped was over. I’m soo loving
the Viibryd withdrawal and Paxil
reintroduction. I can’t remember
the nightmares from before, but
that doesn’t mean I never had them.

I was in an old house that I knew
was my old house but looked nothing
like it in reality and I was pacing
down the long hallway admiring
the dark wooden trim that smelled
like newly sawn wood in spite of the
dark stain that had been applied to it.

That was odd. No hint of the stain
smell at all. That makes it a real
dream then doesn’t it? I noticed
there were cameras pointed at
the house from brackets outside
the windows. I also noticed the
crew of mid fifties women who
were installing the camera on
the north west side of the house.

Damn my ex. I had been
watched and recorded
again and it made me livid. I
wondered why there were no
blinds on that side of the house.
What the hell was I doing in his
house anyway? I was so

agitated because he recorded me
at work in reality and I was so drugged
from anxiety meds that I never was able to
react to that properly, but in the dream

I went outside to have a chat
with his fanclub. They were grumpy
and complained that they had not
yet been paid because he insisted
upon viewing the footage before
he would pay for the installation.
I started giving them unsolicited
business advice and asked to
see their boilerplate contract.

They were more than willing to
show it to me and I pointed out that
there was nothing in their contract that
compelled them to donate equipment
and work for free.

I pointed out that they might consider
stopping work on the project without
hooking up the rest of the equipment

They had been bullied into something
my ex would never do on a job for his
clients until he was paid a substantial
portion of the costs up front.

I also pointed out that he was using
the equipment to spy on his ex wife
not to secure the property for
the safety of his children.
They started packing up their equipment
and thanked me for the heads up.

The dream ended abruptly, so I was surprised
hours later when my dream continued in the
same residence but this time with my mother
present. The details were a bit murky but I
remember feeling the need to run screaming
from the house before the voice of the Silent
Sentinel woke me up telling me to
answer the phone.

This kind of fun dreaming means my serotonin
is cranking back up again. Oh golly, what fun
but proof positive that I have an anti depressant
that works again.


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